Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wishlist, for those inclined.  I'll try to keep it simple, I know when I've done this in the past I have thought way too much into it.

- Bath & Body Works "Moonlight Path" shower gel

- A meat thermometer
- Sea salt
- Fancy pens (fountain pen, glass pen, ink, etc.)
- Fate Reforged booster packs (I am ordering a box of DTK but am running low on Fate Reforged I think)
- Letters
- $$$ to fund below purchases.

That's it.  For reference, the full list is always at my "profile" which is now exclusively hosted on dropbox:

Things I vow to buy for myself this year since I have been putting them off for too long:

- Monitor speakers.  I have been procrastinating on getting these for so long, not even funny.  Apparently last I checked I was going to go for which would run me a good $600, ouch.
-  I could use some more samples.

Went to Boston Tea Party swing dance convention this past weekend!  It was loads of fun, even though I didn't arrive until late Friday night and didn't actually do any dancing until Saturday.  My WCS improved!  I got some more practicing in, took some useful classes (hopefully I can remember some of what I learned?), and most importantly, got to took Samantha Buckwalter and Kelly Casanova's class on lead-switching that I missed @ Boogie By the Bay.  WOW, what an amazing class, easily the most excited I have ever been about a dance workshop ever.  The way that Sam & Kelly have practiced lead-switching/hijacking is very mechanically sound and just *works* so very well, I was amazed at how effective it is and how well it functions.  Super amazing and also well-taught. :)

I know "Stanford Waltz" is somewhat of a niche style but if I end up having to move cities and live somewhere else in the US I hope that it can at least be somewhere with some good WCS...

Today marks the start of the "Carnival of DEATH", an annual Tetris: The Grand Master (TGM) event that is a weeklong celebration of the "Death" game mode.  I'm still out traveling so I haven't been able to put any serious effort into death mode but I did some runs and got an M rank, something like level 537 or something using Nullpomino, so that's a start.

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