Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is your most prized possession?

Mine is a clear box containing 227 handwritten letters.


Went to One Pot tonight!  Woohoo~  Finally made up for not being able to enjoy that Shabu Shabu meal in Japan (tragically interrupted by food allergies) was delicious!  And I love the flower lamp at the entrance, so pretty!~

I went on an 8-match win streak today at work with Makoto, woooooohooo!  I am finally seeing openings and reading how people react, doing good mixups.  I think one thing I should try a bit more is doing a karakusa after a (hit) non-ex hayate.  I don't really ever do it, my default followup is st short into ex oroshi chop but I have found that people are wising up to that so I should switch it up a bit.  It's still pretty impossible to do st fp into super with the sticks on that machine...half the time even normal supers don't come out.  Stupid american sticks...

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