Monday, March 9, 2015

Been waking up with a dry throat, so I've been leaving my hello kitty humidifier on...

I finished season 3 of Shakugan no Shana--it was alright but the ending (and basically, the major plotline point) fell super flat on me.  Meh.  I mean, I think there is a lot of premise there with Yuji disappearing, and then the conflict between him and Shana, you know, star-crossed lovers fighting each other, etc etc. but the way it gets resolved is....???  not really anything.

Anyhow, I realize there is a 2nd season of Railgun so I should watch that...(still have to watch nanoha A's movie!)...tonight I went ahead and watched the OVA so I could get reacquainted with the characters a bit.  It's about Misaka getting freaked out about a stressful and scary feeling of "being watched", and while I was watching it I realized that I actually felt a great deal of sympathy of her and the episode was meaningful to me...just from having experienced a feeling of dread and fear like that before.  It sucks...really really sucks to just feel scared without knowing why.  One of the worst feelings.

I'll be stopping by Stanford tomorrow!  Going to stop by the WCS class, woo~

I'm sleeping together with Shia tonight.

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