Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wishlist is always maintained at for those of you who want that kind of thing.

Work is super interesting but can't really talk about it.

Pretty much finished the SMB3 map remix last night!  Which was really nice, it turned out well and that was my main goal for the night, so mission accomplished.  I think I am still screwed for xmas stuff (as usual, maybe even more than usual) but on the plus side I am getting through 2-3 (albeit short) letters a day so that's good.  Need to do a round of xmas shopping somewhere, maybe valley fair or great mall?  Or start looking for stuff online too...  Still need to finish japan planning, that might be a next big item to look at.  Got the portfolio site done over thanksgiving, that was great!

LD has been getting really positive feedback, despite the fact that I didn't really think it was that impressive ^^;  So that's cool too.

Got S9 in TAP Master randomly, twice.  I guess I'm better at TGM now which feels quite great.  I actually wasn't far off from M rank!!!  I don't know how many of the section time/tetris requirements I missed but my final time was 8:55 which is only 10 seconds off, so at this rate I might just end up getting TAP master M before I get Death GM rank =O