Saturday, March 14, 2015

People are all so amazing and wonderful...I have so much to learn, just about being a better person.  Feels like I'm a little kid...

Jammix and FNW happened last night, seemed like they were both gender-unbalanced--too many leads at jammix, not enough at FNW, haha.  Should have just gone to was nice to see new faces at Jammix though, only problem was I couldn't really dance with many of them because all the follows just get swooped up real fast haha.  I have been getting a bit better at lindy styling when I'm following I think!  It really helps to watch people like Heidi and JJ when they dance and see their movement ideas.  For any dance really, it's the same with WCS...watching good follows and really paying attention to how they move their bodies.  There are so many details with how you use your legs, =hip movement= is a big one, how you use your arms...I've actually learned so much about following from doing WCS and watching WCS follows.

It's fun following different leads, though!  Did some of that at Jammix, even danced with Cameron which hasn't happened for a while.  Man, following is so much more exciting sometimes, you never get locked into your own style, haha.

It was tootally the right decision hopping over to FNW afterwards (Jammix ended at 11PM), so many cool people there, ahh!!!  I got to see Yiju again <3, JJ was there, Audreyyyyy, why is everyone so cool!?  Watching Audrey dance is so inspiring!  And I was totally fangirling over JJ, ahhhh~

I had an amazing cross-step with Anna, don't think I've been so into a dance for quite some time...was a great song choice by Daniel, woo!  Speaking of Daniel...=damn=...that waltz we had was epic, that's the first time I've had a real amazing role-reversal dance since back in the days of yore...some of the stuff you did was super awesome.

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