Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's a great weekend!

Came back from my visit to the East Coast late last Sunday night, after 2+ hours of plane delays (we all got on the plane, we all got off the plane, we all got on the plane again...), and I haven't really had a free day to really wind down and catch up on everything until today.  Unfortunately didn't get to really do much for the Tetris Carnival of Death this year but eh, at least I submitted an M rank score, so I'm good with that.

We managed to make a cute little project while I was over visiting on my vacation!  I still want to find some time to make some tweaks and such, getting it to work better on touchscreens and mobile devices in general, but I tested it on an android phone and it works!

I've been watching Steven Universe!  Finally getting into it, though I've known about it for a while (of course, thanks to Aivi & Surasshu -- who are now happily married!).  It's pretty predictable and takes a while to get rolling, but...for some reason it's do I put it...warm and heartfelt?  I think the characters are just really likable and there have already been some moments where I found myself just getting a bit emotional despite knowing exactly what is going on.  There's definitely potential here!  The art is especially gorgeous at some parts too, and of course aivisura are hitting it out of the park with the music.  Have to pay attention and keep an ear out for themes and riffs, and also for when the different instruments are associated with the different characters, because I know that's a thing ;)

Friday Night Waltz this week was so much fun!!!  Ahhhhh, partly because so many cool people were there, partly just because I hadn't done any waltzing in 3 weeks...Richard also did a great job with the music, there were some really really nice ones in there!  Man, I keep on saying this, but when a great song is playing I really can't help but go all out.  Had some really great dances, and was nice getting to hang out with everyone too!

Found KGJY's blog!  It made me quite happy actually...I know blogs aren't really a dead thing per se, with tumblr and everything, blahblah, but it's so uncommon nowadays to actually read something...=real=, if you know what I mean.  It brings me back to the good old days, heh.

Kiki posted a blog entry recently too...with a video attached.  It made me really happy to see it...she looks beautiful and I just feel like someday when I meet her again, we will just both smile brightly and....ahh, I don't know...I think just the feeling of seeing someone again, after so long.  I think it's a bit like seeing you at the train station.  Been writing to Kiki...really care about her a lot.

Going shopping tomorrow!  Exciting, though I'm not sure I will end up finding anything...but it should be fun!

Been in a bit of a slump with MtG, been making misplays and sloppy decisions and losing a lot as a result, bleh.  Today I considered finally taking the plunge and starting to play on MTGO but I realized they are doing prereleases for DTK this weekend so it's more expensive to play any DTK until the weekend is over, meh...I'll probably just wait?  Dunno...

3rd strike, I've been doing alright.  Still struggling against some things, for sure, but it's not too terrible...just need to try and keep getting better, I guess.

Started thinking about a Journey cosplay!  I've got less than 2 months left until Fanime, so if I want to come up with something new, I can't delay on starting it!  I'm already minus one weekend because of Ludum Dare, plus next weekend I *might* try and go out to SF for the cherry blossom festival to go see the hello kitty truck ( be honest a food truck isn't really the most exciting thing when it comes to sanrio and hello kitty, plus...everything just pales in comparison to sanrio in japan, sigh...America get your act together and understand cuteness already orz).  There is a helpful tutorial online for making the Journey outfit, which is great, but I'll probably want to make some modifications...I'll do a red cloak just because I think I'm a bigger fan of the red coloring than white+yellow, even though I like the sensibility of having a white cloak...hmm, I could also customize it and make it a different color altogether, even something like navy blue--the symbols and mask and everything are so iconic that it's probably fine to take some artistic liberties.  If at all possible I want it to also double as an outfit I can use for dancing, so that will definitely necessitate some modifications to the basic design.  The hood will need to be an actual hood that you can take off, which is fine, probably not too hard.  Then I'll need actual sleeves for my arms, maybe even adjustable via safety pins like my miko outfit is.  And I will probably be making it extend much longer, down to ankle-length instead of knee-length like it is in the games.  I also got the idea today of wearing a petticoat to get a more conical shape and not have the fabric just drape downwards flat too much.

It'll be tricky, for sure...and if I want to do it I basically need to start now!  Ack!  The main tricky part of Journey cosplays is that humans have actual shoulders so it's hard to get the nice triangular figure.  I think to get it better you need to have the hood flare out relatively wide and then also have your arms spread outwards so that it gets the nice A-line going down.  Of course, mine will probably end up being different since I have the sleeves, so it'll be a bit more like regular clothes, perhaps...hmm, we'll see.  I'm going to need a lot of red fabric....

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