Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Oh sewing machine, why must you be so complicated?  I think I spent a good 3 hours on you and all I did was remember how to wind a bobbin, thread the string, and attempt to adjust the tension, then have something just start breaking and end up with all sorts of frustration attempting to debug it.  At least I have a working sewing machine again now.  Sheesh.  I didn't even get any actual work done on the cosplay; on the plus side, after valiant attempts I finally stitched up a hole in one of my skirts.  Whee!

The slog at work continues; last week was not that great and the start of this week was not either but I'll live, perhaps.  I am still sort of neck-and-neck with one of the guys in SF3...I have been trying to analyze videos of pro players to figure out what I should be doing better but it's hard.  Gotta just...improve and make better decisions, and also improve my execution.  Then reactions too.
Our MtG league has been progressing...I'm currently at a 50% win rate, which is....ok I guess.  Some people have busted pools for sure (we currently have 6xDTK and 3xFRF), I have something fair and decent but not really amazing by any stretch.  Some guy has 2x orc sureshot, lightform, 2x mastery of the unseen (!!!), the new anafenza, 2x foul renewal (!)...pretty gross.  There was some other guy with dragonlord atarka, whisperwood elemental, temur war shaman, 2 whisperer of the wilds and some other ramp guy...not really sure how I am supposed to beat that.  I have not been that happy with my play; I have been making some mistakes and suboptimal decisions.  Granted I might be supposed to be losing games anyways but the mistakes I am seeing do matter.  Bleh.

The search hasn't really started yet...

Trying a meal from Munchery tomorrow since I have a discount from them.  Yay.

Ludum Dare is this weekend!!!  I don't feel like I'm ready at all, but...I am, actually, when I think about it.  Haxe and everything is setup on my desktop so I should pretty much be good to go.  Just have to make sure I rest up well and don't do anything stupid.  There is FNW on friday but also a dance on Saturday, maybe they are celebrating Lewis's (and you-know-who's) birthday there.  Not sure whether I will stop by...I feel like this is not the first time LD has fallen on a dance-full weekend but I will only go to saturday at most, and even then maybe not.  Maybe I have finally learned my lesson on trying to overexert myself, hahaha...

It can only be you...

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