Monday, January 11, 2016

What would it feel like, to finally reach something that you've wanted for so long, but was never given to you?  Something that has been in your mind for so long that you've forgotten why you've wanted it, or that there was actually a possibility that it would happen?

And, also, what would it feel like, to be granted a desire that you can't get away from, even though you know it will never happen--and more than that, that it =shouldn't= happen.  Something that you want yet know is wrong.  What would that be like, I wonder?

Things are alright!  I made a lindy hop song yesterday; feeling accomplished over that!  Been quite some time since I just started a song and finished it in the same day; it was great!  Took a few tries and a false start or two before I was able to really get the right feel going, but managed to come up with something that I'm pretty happy with.  You can hear it here:

Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease is coming up this weekend and I have no idea how to evaluate most of the cards...a majority of them seem underwhelming but I'm sure some of them are actually probably fine.  It'll be an interesting puzzle to figure out, for my mind surge doesn't seem to be a huge thing that you'll build around (aside from being better in 2HG of course), support seems like it could actually work out to be quite important, removal seems rather plentiful (?) with the exception of green, which still seems rather unexciting =(, and cohort actually seems to have a fairly high setup cost, as tapping TWO creatures is actually a pretty big cost.  I guess it's a great option to have when the board is stalled out and you can just activate cohort abilities for value at the end of their turn, or on defense when you can block and then activate cohort, but I can't really see it working out in any sort of aggressive deck.  There do seem to be loads of allies running around so all of those rally triggers seem a little bit scarier but that's counterbalanced by the fact that there will be less rally triggers in the first place.  The whole colorless mana thing is kind of interesting, I feel like it's going to be easy to try and be way too greedy with it, but the fixing is there if you want it I guess.  We'll see how the format shakes up, I guess!

Practiced some more calligraphy/copperplate yesterday!  It feels like I'm finally starting to get the hang of some of the strokes, which is nice!  The lowercase "o" fundamental form is still really hard for me to get cleanly, but I'm practicing, at least.  I've been using my Nikko nib as well as my Brause Rose -- the Nikko is a lot "sturdier" and probably more forgiving but I'm really liking the light and flexible feel of the Rose, despite it being a little more finicky.

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