Thursday, January 21, 2016

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest music

Hot damn.  I should be relistening to some more SNES/NES osts more often.  Despite being scoffed at by many, I actually really loved Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest and the soundtrack endures as some of the most epic hard-rock snes music in existence.  Not only the Doom Castle theme, but also all three battle themes.  Hellion sounds did a cover of the main battle theme that is also pretty epic.  And the town theme is also really nice.  Gotta hand it to FFMQ for the music.

Anyhow, maybe I should be going back and listening to some of the great soundtracks...the Actraiser OST, maybe some other classics like the Super Mario Kart ost or even Street Fighter 2...Super Mario World maybe?  And of course, the Mega Man soundtracks, and don't forget the Star Control 2 OST!

Writing is really important...I don't think I'll ever stop writing letters.

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