Friday, January 8, 2016

I must show compassion to others.

It's been an alright week!  I was kind of depressed the other day but seem to be doing better now after sleeping it off and getting over it.  Excited that it's Friday :)

Ludum Dare results are out and our game tied for 13th overall, only scoring 0.01 behind the three entries that tied for 10th!  So we very narrowly missed top ten this time, which is great!  Also nabbed bronze in the audio category.  LD ratings and rankings are wildly random and subjective due to it being crowdsourced so we should always take them with a grain of salt, but still a great showing!

Haven't worked on Zenith Fighter in a few days, but I programmed the Gunner's 3rd ability, which is a grenade toss that does some AoE damage along with a stun effect.  Still need to draw up some art assets for that, and maybe try and figure out his fourth ability, and then I can perhaps start working on other things like enemy spawn animations, enemy waves, and/or the beginnings of UI for the shop/upgrades.

Was shown by a coworker and it looks pretty promising!  Planning on trying that out sometime soon, hopefully.

Haven't done any work on music lately =(  Hopefully I'll be able to get back on that sometime soon, as it doesn't feel good to have gone so long without any music production -- that is what most of you internet peoples know me for anyways!

Some more episodes of Steven Universe are out for me to catch up on, which should be great fun too!  Maybe next time I'm feeling down I can just take a nice relaxing bath and enjoy some SU and just chill =)

IFTTT integration seems to be working pretty alright, so we're moving full-steam ahead with Tumblr cross-posting now.  Hooray!

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