Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Out at Night

12:30AM on a weeknight is a perfectly reasonable time to be going out for a run while waiting for soup to cook, right?

Ahh, being out at this time of night feels nice; it's almost like I'm in high school again!  I was even listening to some trance tunes during my (short since I'm out of shape) run.  As boring as being alone is, I think there is something special about being out there by yourself -- maybe call it some sort of spiritual peace?  I really value alone time, as I'm sure many other people do too.  The mental and emotional atmosphere in my house was stifling at some times, particularly during the high school and college years, so I'd escape to the night quite often.  There were times when I had good reason to, like maybe practicing glowsticking/glowstringing or something, but there were also times when I did it just for its own sake.  During college it was perhaps even more awesome, and easier, but I still have very strong feelings of nostalgia for my home street at night, and the park at the end of it, haha.

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