Monday, January 18, 2016

Listen to Your Heart, Friendships now and then, Genesis 3, Terraria

DHT feat. Edmée - Listen to Your Heart (Edmee's Unplugged Vocal Edit)

Oldie but a good one.  This song made its waves in what, like 2005 or 2006?  Haven't heard it in a long long time, but I'm playing some lesser-rated stuff right now from my music library and it came up.  I feel like this one has actually aged pretty well in my mind!  Unlike some other vocal songs / anthems / etc which I feel like got old and "stayed old", so to speak.  The remixes on the other hand...that's a whole other story =P

Have to thank Parisha for introducing me to the song way back in that time period when it came on the radio and she sang it for me in her car.  Such a good friend!  I still have that memory written down in my log somewhere, I'm sure.  Don't know what you're up to now, but I hope that you're well!

Friendships and people are a way, I look at my current friendships and it's a little disappointing that I don't spend as much time together with friend as I used to -- you know, in the high school days or whatever (haha, funnily enough I had yet another band-related dream last night.  So strange...this one wasn't really a stressful one.  Allison showed up in it though!  And you-know-who was strangely absent...I forgot who was there instead...dreams are weird), but at the same time, I'm actually just really happy to be friends with some of the people I know now.  Not even because we have amazing friendships or anything like that; but just because I feel like they are people that I just...can get along with really well.  I suppose it's partly just because we are all older now and more mature (?), things like that.  Thinking back to old high school times, there were a lot of good memories and good times, but at the same time there were also a lot of less-than-pleasant people and/or just awkwardness, haha.  With some of my friends now there is definitely a sense of down-to-earthness that maybe wasn't there in the past...

Watched Genesis 3 this weekend (huge huge SSBM tourney), holy crap, so much awesomeness and hype!  Axe beating Mango and then SFAT was hype as heck, so amazing that he was able to have a terrific run and get =4th place=...was a little disappointing to see him get 0-3d against OP loser-bracket-Mango but them's the beats I guess.  PP wasn't able to get his footing against Mango which was sad but understandable as well; Mango really turned it up a LOT in top 8.  And damn, that fox ditto set between Ice and SFAT was insaaanne, talk about 20XX man; that is a fox ditto I am going to love rewatching again.  We all got the Mango vs Armada Grand Finals we wanted, which ended up being super awesome as well!  Armada got it in the end, as expected...he's really proving himself time and time again as being able to be just a step beyond the other gods.

Anyways, was a really great watch; I think probably my biggest disappointment was no Amsa =(  Everyone loves seeing Amsa...wonder how good he's gotten lately?

Played through a big chunk of Terraria along with N this weekend; I respec'd my armor to spectre armor instead of ranger gear (which also means I won't have to go through the trouble of farming shroomite bars, hah!).  I'd like to make the spectre hood in addition to the mask so that I can swap to it if I just want raw DPS instead of the heal-on-damage effect, but even with the mask's 40% magic damage reduction I'm still hitting a healthy 1.6k dps with the Laser Machinegun which we got from the Martian Madness event today, woo!  I also unequipped both my wings and my boots!  I got the UFO mount from the Martian Madness event so I'm now relying on that for movement and using the extra accessory slots to good effect; I've got 3 emblems, a celestial stone, and a mana flower, so really going for the DPS.  Maybe I should start planting some Moonglow and Deathweed so I can stock up on Magic Power Potions...20% increased damage seems super useful...

Back to working on Zenith Fighter!  Making ok progress today -- replaced the Gunner's dash with a shield ability, and got a decent animation for it as well!  Next is to try and figure out his ult ability, and then he'll actually have a full kit! :D

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