Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I logged into my placeholder Tumblr account just to poke around abit (I don't (yet?) use Tumblr).  I still really don't like tumblr's model of doing things where everything is just a repost, etc. etc. and it always felt strange and unintuitive to me, BUT at the same time, perhaps this is where people have been migrating in lieu of other "social spaces" that you can carve out yourself (RIP xanga, myspace, LJ, and a small chuckle to G+).  I do know some friends who use tumblr; maybe this would be a chance to have a nice shared environment for sharing updates, seeing as how the other options really aren't conducive to this sort of thing (lookin at you, FB).  That reminds me, a while ago I decided to reopen my batch script that opens up like 50 browser tabs, pointing to various sites that I used to frequent, friends blogs (most (but not all!) abandoned by now), etc.  I told myself that I should get into the habit of doing that sort of check again but I've neglected that; I should urge myself to get back into the habit again.

Anyways, funny story about tumblr: I found that I already had one tumblr blog that I was following and had no idea from the username who it was...it took some digging through the posts but I'm pretty sure I now know.  I don't remember how or when I was able to get their tumblr username as this is someone from high school whom I have no contact with anymore, but regardless, it was certainly interesting, to say the least.  Their last update was in August, which is not all =that= long ago, all things considered.  That's so cool though, that this person has still been cataloguing their life...really cool.  Perhaps I just need to know the right places to look?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though; of course this doesn't mean I'm just jumping ship from here and gallavanting off to tumblr-land instead (come on, how long have you been with me anyways?).  The great news here is that tech for cross-posting between services seems to have advanced quite massively, with IFTTT ("if this then that") providing what seems to be a great means of connecting basically all of your different relevant services together in a simple way that hopefully "just works" as advertised.  Action item for me is to disable my current hackish twitterfeed crosspost mechanisms and start trying out this IFTTT thing; if all goes well we'll be able to cleanly post to FB and twitter from here (as we did before), but with additional functionality like auto-posting youtube uploads to FB, etc.  My guess is that for me tumblr may just serve as an aggregation mechanism that will aggregate all of my posts from blogger + soundcloud + youtube + etc.

Alright internets; here's your chance to redeem yourself...let's see what you've got.

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