Tuesday, January 12, 2016


How would people feel about me jumping onto the Patreon bandwagon?  I'm not sure exactly how it would work yet, but something like:

I'll plan on making at least one full completed song per month (but sometimes more!).  You can pledge any amount per song, with the following rewards:

Pledge $1 per song - Early Access
Pay $1 per song and you'll get download links to each of my finished songs way, way before they are officially released!
You'll also get download links to my finished, unreleased songs, including all of these goodies:

Pledge $3 per song - Behind the Scenes Videos
At $3 per song, you'll get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes tutorial videos and project walkthroughs!  I'll record one of these each month, and take requests for topics that people want to see.  It could be anything from "How to get started with FL Studio", "How to get better at mixing", or even "Walk through your project file for Love Everlasting!"

Pledge $10 per song - Official Supporter
Pay $10 per song and I'll recognize you as an official supporter!  I'll put your name in the credits of my game projects and in the "special thanks" section of my released albums!

Something like that.  Numbers subject to change, of course.  What do you think?  Please ping me back if this is something you'd be interested in!

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