Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rhythm Quest Update 2 - Touch Buttons

Our little guy can jump!

So I've got the touch controls working -- it actually worked out without any big hiccups, though I confused myself with an extra (unnecessary for now) layer of indirection during my first attempt.

Unlike in Watch for Falling Rocks, these new TouchButtons are routed through to my custom InputManager, which means I can write InputManager.Check("jump") and it'll handle BOTH any keyboard bindings that you've set up as well as the touch buttons.  I can also call InputManager.Pressed() from FixedUpdate invocations and it'll actually work properly! -- though I won't be using FixedUpdate at all for this game since everything will be locked to the music.

Also, I realized after my last post that I'm definitely going to have to restructure the Song/Music stuff a bit because I forgot that I'm going to have three separate songs playing at one time!  I'll need to write something that's easily able to crossfade between the three, and I won't be able to use my usual single music AudioSource.  Whoops...

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