Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rhythm Quest Update 1 - Scrolling

Well, I haven't gotten much yet, but I've done some basic groundwork for syncing things to beats and I now have a camera-followed character that runs to the right in sync with the music.

(Click for better quality)
The great thing about already having made a whole bunch of games is that there's never any shortage of placeholder art...

Organizing the code around the songs and levels and such is proving to be a little difficult.  On the plus side it doesn't really actually matter how messy it is in the end because I'm not going to be doing complicated things, but I'd like to at least attempt to keep it reasonable.  Plus, I'd like to fit as much of the generic Rhythm/Song-based code into my Harmonic Unity reusable framework.

Getting the repeating + scrolling background to work was actually more of a pain than I'd like -- this is definitely something I'm building out a reusable component for.  Right now it's using a 3D quad and setting texture offsets, then rendering to a separate camera, which is a little ugly, but for now it's probably fine.

Next I'll probably want to make sure that I can hook up virtual buttons and use them reasonably...

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