Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Current stats:
Xanga: 3,780 posts (archive)
Blogspot: 355 posts
Letters: 963 written over 9.34 years (avg 1 per 3.541 days), 260 received (3.7:1 ratio)
Wallpapers: 3,116 (across 99 categories)
Anime: 2,409 Episodes watched (40.8 days)

My "days per letter" stat went down a whole lot, good god -- It used to be at 1 per 3.358 days.  On the plus side, I'm still on track to have 1000 letters written before 10 years is up, which is good.  I'll be starting xmas letters very soon, so hopefully that number will be getting a little better before the year is up.

Things are going ok!  We finally finished up everything that needs to be done for Watch for Falling Rocks, so now I just have to take updated screenshots and a video demo and I'll be able to publish it for mobile.

I'm currently 2-1 in my MtG Kaladesh sealed league at work after losing g3 of an otherwise close match in round 3.  The game itself was pretty uneventful as I kept a 1-lander after mulliganing to 6 on the draw, scry'd to the bottom and never found a second land.  However it was a pretty bad matchup for my deck in general as my creatures and removal suite just don't line up very well with his beefy green creatures and such.  I got some decent additions to my pool with the last pack so let's hope that I have better luck in round 4.

Halloween went OK this year.  I wore my Journey costume again (as expected), which was received well.  Missed the Halloween party at work, but still ended up wearing it yesterday through most of the day (including a trip to Nijiya for some groceries).  I didn't do any preparing for trick-or-treaters or anything, and actually couldn't anyways, as after work I basically just did groceries, took out the trash, cooked dinner, and ate, and then had to leave pretty soon after that.  Maybe next year?  I do admit that I was a bit sad that I didn't really get to "hang out" or do anything with other people while in costume on Halloween (e.g. trick-or-treating, etc).  Again, maybe next year.  I did get to hang out at a friend's Halloween party on Sunday though, which was pretty fun! :)

Been getting into Japanese cooking recently!  I've been making sukiyaki a few times, which is actually extremely easy and rather foolproof.  I bought some packets of instant dashi which will probably come in handy as I try cooking some other things like maybe gyuudon or something like that.

Started up a new song on Sunday night!  This is going to be an exclusive for Patreon supporters -- I'm planning on setting up Patreon once the song is finished and once I get a chance to produce a simple intro video or such for it.  The song is sounding pretty legit so far and I'm really happy with how it's going.  It's pretty similar to Infinity and has similar inspirations.  I was a little nervous when starting it out since it really has been a while since I've produced anything at all, but looks like things are coming out just fine, which is a relief. :)

Started watching Vivid Strike yesterday while eating dinner, and I'm also going to be following the 3rd season of Haikyuu.  Feels quite strange to be watching things as they air, as usually that's not my style, but so be it!

Overall, things are going pretty ok for now.  There's not too much to complain about, and some things to look forward to as well.  I feel that my emotional mood is somehow a little bit underneath where that would usually put me though.

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