Thursday, May 26, 2016

Things are okay!

I've successfully addressed at least one lifestyle change (for the better), and it wasn't even that difficult once I set out to try!  My goal for now is to just keep that up...maybe try to also start being more efficient and less wasteful with my time as well, but that one is a tougher one to tackle...

Fanime is almost upon us, pretty exciting!  I won't be going on Thursday - instead going to be playing board games with my family -- but I'll be there for the rest of the weekend...looking forward to it!  Although I jotted down notes on interesting-looking events that I'd want to go to, there's not actually quite that much that I feel like I need to see, so I feel like my schedule is pretty open to just...wander around, hang out, and chill in general.  I'm hoping that I can just hang out with some friends and do whatever :).  I guess if the weather is nice I should also try and get more photos of my Journey outfit! (still haven't done a proper photo set of it yet)

Might actually leave Fanime early on Friday night to head to Palo Alto since the Stanford kids are having a dance on campus.  The Swap Meet at Fanime starts at 8 so I'll most likely peruse through there a little bit and then leave (and get to dance in costume, hooray!).  I probably won't be able to spend that much time browsing through the swap meet stuff, but to be perfectly honest, I didn't even end up buying much at all last year anyways, so I'm not too concerned about it.  I think things were a lot different back then, during my first few years at Fanime, since I really didn't have access or own a lot of this merchandise-type stuff -- whether it be anime/manga-related goods, or Sanrio goods, or just cute stuff in general.  But now I =do= own a lot already, and (thankfully) it has turned into more of an already-fulfilled need.

Excited for a fun-filled weekend, and just as excited for a week-long vacation after that!  Woohoo!

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