Tuesday, May 10, 2016

8th place in Ludum Dare!

We did great!  We had a lot of positive feedback and almost no real gripes or complaints about the game, which is good!  All in all I'm really happy with the finished product and I'm really glad that it happened.

Been spending a lot of time moving and unpacking recently!  Got through kitchen organization yesterday, which felt really nice to finally be done with.  Things are taking shape!

Spent some time last night looking at canvas bags on YesStyle since I've been wanting a new messenger bag for forever!  Going to go ahead and order some new tops while I'm at it, too :)

Went ahead and scheduled a staycation for the week after memorial day weekend -- I'll be able to go to Fanime and then just have that week off to get some much-needed rest and time to myself.  Yay~

Stardew Valley has been absolutely wonderful!  We're now in the middle of our first winter and we're having a blast!

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