Thursday, May 26, 2016

I wonder if it will just become more and more difficult for me to connect with my past, with the people I know, ....

Listening to the Undertale soundtrack always tends to fill me with a peculiar emotional sensibility.  Particularly the ending theme(s), as well as some of the other sections...I have to say that the credits roll for Undertale really felt....I can't really put my finger on how to say it, but it felt =different= than your everyday credits roll.  I guess it's just...poignant due to what came before as well as what is actually featured in the credits.  Undertale is really something to be admired, I think.  Thinking about it always fills me with a sense of "what can =I= be bringing to the world?".  I mean that not just in the sense of "how can I be a better person", but also from the point of view of a creator -- that there are these people creating wonderful things like Undertale and Stardew Valley and man, it's a great age in which to live in, that people like you and me can just set their hearts on something and end up building something amazing.

Speaking of amazing things, here's wishing a happy 10th anniversary to ThatGameCompany!  I can't even imagine what it must be like to have worked on Journey, to be completely honest.  Knowing that something that you have worked on has helped the human condition and psyche -- having your actual day-to-day work be involved in something that is so, so amazing -- that must just be...something else, really.  It's something that I wonder if I could ever achieve someday, even if on a smaller scale.

I hope that my past never disappears.  Stay with me...

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