Wednesday, July 22, 2015 win some, you lose some.....then you win some more, and lose some more...

I saved myself from a regret tonight.  But then I wasted my time away, and fell back into nailbiting too.  Ugh!  On the plus side, I rescued the night and it was not all lost; I worked on my website, getting done all of the individual game pages from Minimalist MAYHEM through Rhythm Gunner (still have to do all the earlier ones).  Unfortunately I had the first flying bug of summer show up in my room, but luckily it was not one that was too scary and it landed, letting me take care of it (phew).  Crisis averted, thankfully.  Not sure how it got in.  Also unfortunately I think I bit myself, but not too hard and not too bad.  Dunno...we'll see how tomorrow goes, I guess.

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