Sunday, July 19, 2015

I've been listening to tonight.  Sadly, with the glut of amazing music that exists and that I already have, I feel like I can only justify paying a decent amount for music if I truly like it, so I'm not purchasing it, but am still streaming from Bandcamp.  It's got a really really nice style, one that I think I might even try to take some inspiration from when I'm not doing musical sketches for the visual novel project that I've been trying to contribute to.  It's got chippy elements, but is just...super super's got this downtempo chillout vibe with lots of ambience and lots of filtered synths.  I'm actually already into that from listening to this song (which I even tried to do a test deconstruction of), so it's definitely a direction that I should try to explore soon.  =Sort= of like Lifeformed, actually, but a slightly different vibe, really.  It's really nice.

The weekend is off to an okay start.  Slept quite late last night, after playing some Monaco, watching another episode of Steven Universe, and playing a little Risk of Rain (been a while!), among other things.  Got up with a lazy start to the day, but ate a sandwich and did some quality work on my website, which now has a nice thumbnail grid layout for all of my games, with some fancy animating hover text as well (yay!).  Did some work on Furball Pet today too, so that was good.  Now in the middle of writing a letter; I still need to take a bath and shave, but aside from that I don't have that much more to take care of...

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