Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Is it annoying?  When people keep dwelling on the past too much.

I wrote in my diary today, probably the first real entry in a year or so; I never had a good routine for writing in it these days.  Part of me wishes for a more personal blog, like the older entries over at, but in retrospect the main reason those are more "personal" is because I didn't care as much what people thought of me; who was going to bother to read it anyways?  I realized that even if I had a private blog, what would "private" mean?  Even if I could share it with only a few trusted people, that still wouldn't mean too much, you know?  I guess maybe life is just not as simple as it used to be.  But that's what diaries are for, after all.

House cleanup is just about done, finally.  It feels great; I like having things be in their place and I really like clean spaces that are free of clutter.  Sure, my room is still chock full of decorations, but that's an organized system...a layout, if you will.

Been trying to take care of things...doing some errands...still need to do some more.  Need to keep working on as well, etc.

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