Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Love exists to foster people.  Even if that love doesn't bear fruit, maybe it will be nourishment for living."
--Akiko-san, Kanon (2002)

Everything's okay, probably, now that I think of it.

Been working on the website!  Content is coming along; the formatting exists but isn't super-pretty yet, will have to make some stylistic choices later.  One or two things at work have been a drag, yet thinking about it again, it's not too bad after all.  Been sleeping relatively late this week, but again not the end of the world.  We've been getting new episodes of Steven Universe, so that's great!  Managed to successfully pull myself together last night, got one or two things done and played through the Thomas Was Alone DLC, which was okay, albeit pretty unexciting.  Still have to go through the To the Moon DLC.  Still have another errand to run as well...

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