Friday, September 20, 2013

Okay, this is something to learn from.  I want my Sanrio collectino to be organized so neatly like this!

Also omg so cute:

Let's see some other examples.

Also side note, OMG

also ahhh


I'm thinking about moving out of my current place...if/whenever that does happen, wherever my new place is, I'll really think about how I want to organize everything.  Right now is "okay", but looking at this, it really could be neater.

I think the thing is that I have so much stuff that's just posters and such, and it actually makes it seem a little less organized since the walls are all so cluttered.  I know that that's just a natural characteristic of my room walls, but I don't know if it -has- to be like that.  I don't care much for a some of the posters I have anyways, like the random old Naruto ones.  Maybe I can just pick a few of the good ones, like the Brave ones that I have.  And I can probably just take all the pencil boards off of the walls.  And I need more shelf space for my plushies!  Also all the face towels and hand towels that are on the walls...those really don't need to be there; I can find a better way to organize them, I'm sure.

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