Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I wish I could be Me

I wish I could be Me again,
the Me of way back when
I'd open the box of video games
wondering, "Which should I play?"
I wish I could go back
into that golden age
I wish I could be that Me
who knew how to have fun.

I wish I could be Me again,
the Me of so long ago
The one who had all those friends,
now, gone.
Oh, how I wish I could still see them,
and tell them, Hello
If I could go back,
I'd never let them go.

I wish, oh I wish, I could be Myself again,
out on the marching field
Taking care of my section, those good kids
I had something I believed in...something I fought for,
and everyone knew it, too.
I still remember that fateful night,
"Seniors, never forget."  That's right.
I wish, I could have another chance, another year
I'd do it all again, if only I could.

I wish, I could be Me again,
so peaceful, so quiet
My studio, a sanctuary
my life, bliss.
I wish I could live there again,
and sit on my bed
I knew who I was,
and, who I wasn't.

I wish, oh I wish, I could be Me again,
believing in myself without any doubt
I was sad, often, but I didn't mind
Everything was alright, everything was fine.
When did I lose it?  Where did it go?
How can I be Myself again?

...I don't know...

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