Monday, June 24, 2013

How do you people read this code???  Ugh!

There really is no right or wrong, in how you interact with other people, and what you do, except defined by yourself.  If it's okay with you, then...well, everyone else should just take it as it is, because that's you.  But it should at least be okay with you.

Cried yesterday, a really long and hard cry.  Gosh, how far I've come...I even started to get a headache.

Why is it that I don't blog about happy things anymore?  Didn't I do that in the past?  Didn't I?  I guess it's not like there aren't happy things in my life anymore...just that they aren't things that I write about, I guess.  Maybe I feel like the daily things, the small details, are somehow just not significant anymore...they've become little fine prints that I can just encapsulate away because, well, what do you care about my day to day life anyways?

Maybe I shouldn't think that way...after all, getting in touch with someone's daily life is really neat, isn't it?

Posting is just really weird nowadays.  I think my demeanor, my behavior, my outlook, the way I see myself--those things have sort of settled down, I think.  But somehow the blogging is still totally stuck in this weird limbo phase.

Speaking of Limbo, I played through the first half of it again yesterday. scared...probably more so than the first time, to be honest.  I think a lot of that is because I already knew what was coming, knew what to expect.  That sense of -dread-, you know?

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