Friday, November 27, 2015

Xmas wishlist official 2015

Gift shopping can be hard!  At the risk of sounding pretentious, here's a helpful post for anyone trying to shop for me this year (don't feel obliged to!).

My wishlist can always be found at my "profile" which I keep regularly updated at  Currently we have the following main items as things that I happen to be in need of...

Car dash mount for phone

A petticoat to wear under my Journey cosplay.  Probably one with drawstring waistband.  Like this one which I borrowed from my friend.
Musician's earplugs / concert earplugs
A nice cloth messenger bag (like the one that I carry around everywhere)
A nice gyutou or santoku chef's knife and a sharpening stone (because my current knives suck) (paperback is fine) Taken, thanks Yang!
A sewing machine Don't know if I actually need this anymore
A cute key-cap (I lost my Kiki one and need a replacement D:)
A good-sized cast iron skillet (10 inch?) (so I can sear meat really good) Taken, thanks BZ!
Sea salt (koshering salt) (I just have table salt right now, harder to measure and spread with fingers)
Cute lens cleaning cloths for glasses
Bath & Body Works "Cherry Blossom" shampoo, conditioner, shower gel (not japanese cherry blossom) <- Looks like this scent is only available online now
Kontakt 5

Of course, don't feel restricted to the above items.  Actually, the best thing I can ask for is your time and company, or a handwritten letter or a personal message or phone call.

For those of you who want to be a little more creative, let's try and not go the route of getting me random Hello Kitty items that I don't have any practical use for...I think we're a little past that point by now =/  Of course, Little Twin Stars and Cinnamoroll are always still fine :)

Cash is always appreciated!  If you don't like giving hard cash, amazon gift card works just as well.  I also frequently shop at nob hill and whole foods.

I'm not in need of any MtG supplies, stationery, or any games either, really, but if you want to get me a game, you can head to my steam wishlist here.  Notably, the Mighty Switch force games are on sale (see here).  If you want to get me clothes, the brand that I wear right now is one based in China, translated to English as "Fairyland", you can see some pages here and here.

I need to get all my gifts bought and sorted out too...good luck to everybody this holiday season!

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