Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Two years ago on this day, November 17th, I presented Love Everlasting to Aivi & Surasshu!  Wishing Aivi a happy birthday today :)  Reminds me that it's time to really start working on Christmas stuff =X

I got sick...poo!  Just my body telling me that I need to take a rest, which makes sense.

Work on Zenith Fighter has been going alright!  I've got my Gunner character moving around and jumping, and I've even got one-way platforms implemented as well.  In addition, I've got my Projectile framework all written up, so I have super-parameterizable projectiles that can be created with a bunch of different properties, all using function-chaining syntax.  My next step is to get an enemy implemented, and some damage numbers....at this point I'm just hoping to get all the different basic elements of the game working one by one.

I've been getting more and more requests for commissions!  If this is you, a reminder that my policies on this sort of stuff is all written up here.  I can't take any new commissions at the moment since I'm all booked up with work for Copy Girl, as well as having to finish up some stuff for Mysterious Space.  I don't have a lot of time for making music these days, so my commission rates will probably going up...I can't justify giving up previous music-making time when I still have my own things I need to accomplish, like my social dance album! (which is going to be giant)  I also need to do some more collab work with A-zu-ra when I can...=P

My latest song for Copy Girl is this one, which I initially intended to be a theme for Fuze, the rocker, which is why it's got attitude and a screamin guitar-like solo, but the team decided to swap the two songs, so now this one is for Stain and the other first theme that I wrote is for Fuze.  Confusing!

We did a BFZ draft at work and I got an insane pool!  U/R devoid with 3 kozilek's sentinel, 3 nettle drone, 2 vile aggregate, 2 touch of the void, processor assault, turn against, clutch of currents...pretty insane.  The decklist is here if you want to see all its glory.  I actually subbed out a chasm guide (3R for 3/2 haste rally) for a Boiling Earth...I have a dearth of 4-drops and also have firemantle mage so I thought chasm guide would be reasonable, but I think it's still my weakest card and I'm not really losing much by cutting it.  Boiling Earth on the other hand I haven't played with BUT I think it could actually be really great.  Not only does it mop up scions, but think about all of the power commons that it deals with -- eldrazi skyspawner (in a big way), lifespring druid, nettle drone are the big ones...even incubator drone makes a scion, as does eyeless watcher, call of the scions...also makindi sliderunner...and it even randomly hoses other things like malakir familiar and zulaport cutthroat.  That's not even taking into account the combat situations that you can set up by casting it post-combat, plus sometimes you will randomly get value out of casting it for 7.  So I think it's the right choice, though of course you will be looking to side it out if you are against some deck that doesn't have targets. (probably a black one?)

The GCC dance on Saturday was really fun!  I ate dinner with Winnie and co beforehand, which was much yum, and also did a little bit of work on Zenith Fighter while waiting for the dance to really get rolling.  I got to have some really fun dances, especially some great times with JJ and Marie and Joachim too, and I got to meet JJ's friend Luna too!  Who encouraged me to make it out to Mission City Swing...sigh, too many reasons to go now, haha.  Well, I think I've clearly resolved to make it out there, but probably not this week just due to being sick...maybe next time...

FNW this week should be good though!  (Richard is DJing)

This Thursday (11/19) I'm planning on heading out to FHS to go see the band kids do their last night rehearsal...should be interesting!

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