Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I didn't even want to open Facebook this time; I stopped myself, in fact.  Can I actually think back to any real value that I've gotten from that online space recently?  Well, actually, I just asked a pertinent question about cooking to an old friend, and that was -certainly- useful, but besides that....?  Well, I guess it could be worse; at least it's not the ghost-town that G+ is *laughs*.  Still though, it's pretty bad, I think.  Maybe I should look into telling the omnipresent FB algorithms what I like and don't like to see in "the stream", but for one thing, I've never been all that confident in that, and for another thing, what's to say that there's anything I =would= like to see anyways!? (not to mention, it could just be another "close door" elevator button, hah!)

I'd rather just fish around for remnants of the old past.  C's xanga archives are still up, actually, and of course there's always "Love Everlasting" (no, not the album), my old archive which is now hosted on wordpress.  Heck, maybe I should just ask and see if any of my old friends' sites are still saved in the cloudy time machines of the interwebs.  Caclarient, for one!, no, it seems that that one is all gone =(  Phirepyro is still there in the archives though, wow!  Man, such good names.  Gosh, how =awesome= it felt, creating a space for yourself, defining yourself through your own name.  It was liberating, fun, and...dare I say, healthy?  I mean, sure, maybe we were all just stupid immature teenagers venting about problems that didn't really matter (no, I don't believe that), but still, looking back, that's a loss that I feel.

I know I've had thoughts about making a handwritten blog; about being personal, bringing back the "humanity" to the online spaces that I might have the opportunity to curate.  But I think there is also something to be said about building that sort of persona and identity--one removed from your real name, before all of this silly business about "social profiles" and "friend groups" and UGH!  Back when it was all just spaces that you curated yourself--your own little corner of the internet that you can just set up however you want, and visit others who did the same.  Am I the only one who misses any of that?

At least this blog is a little reminder of what things could be.  And of course, the 3rd incarnation of my website is still trying to hold fast to that tradition as well.

I had some more things to talk about, but I'd rather not right now.  I know I'm in a little bit of an upset mood; it was due to something sort of silly that I'd rather not get into that is not really a big deal at all.  Right now all I really want to do is call it a night...

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