Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stood out on the field after watching the band kids.  Not my field anymore, not even close.  But it used to be there.  Went out and told the DM that she did a good job.  She probably had no idea who I was, but it doesn't matter ^^;  K actually recognized me this time, hah!

I was standing out there and I couldn't help but feel jealous of those kids.  Getting to march a show like that is simply wonderful, amazing.  Seemed even cooler than any of the ones I did, but I'm sure I'm not really thinking about it objectively.  Sure is cooler than standing up there on the podium and being DM, that's for sure.  Damn, why the hell did I give away my final year of marching?  Haha, no, I don't regret it; all the stuff that I could do as DM made up for it, but still, nothing really beats actually being out there.

Anyways, I was feeling jealous of them, but it just hit me today that being in Deca is almost like being in colorguard--hey, it's the one section I never got to be in through my years in band! (winds?  check.  pit?  check.  drumline?  check.  DM?  check.)  And it's like having 100% good kids!  Well, they're not even kids at all, which is probably why it's so much better, huh?  And hey, we even have great section leaders!

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