Thursday, November 14, 2013

Can I just blame PMS?  I know it's not, but can I?  Why do I feel the need to, anyways?  I should be more honest with myself.  I don't like people who aren't honest with themselves, after all.  Isn't it a strength to be able to just say who you are and believe in it?  That's really funny.  It's really ironic, actually.  Because it wasn't until I started doubting doubting myself, that I started seeing other people just being themselves as being so admirable.  Does that even make any sense?  I don't know.  Why was I wanting to cry again?  Not out of sadness, surely.

My blog was pretty irresponsible, wasn't it?  Did you know that I used to identify as a misanthrope and a misandrist?  I was, too, I think.

Can you face yourself?

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