Monday, October 19, 2015

Things that are awesome:

- Broiled salmon.  Omg.  Why is this dish so delicious and easy to make??  If I ever need to host a dinner party or cook to impress, forget ribeye steak (which is also good but way harder), forget jambalaya and jerk chicken and curry and pot roast and whatever.  Just add salt, pepper, olive oil, and soy sauce, and broil the salmon filet in the toaster oven, tried and true.  I even got it to come out with a crispy skin this time, and used lemon juice....ridiculously good for the amount of effort required.  I've tried a mizo-glazed salmon recipe that called for marinating the salmon, and I've tried pan-seared salmon (which does make crisping the skin easier), but I don't think anything beats the broiler with the toaster oven.  Okay, maybe sous-vide salmon (?) but come on, just 5-10 minutes in the toaster oven!
- Bandit endgame in Risk of Rain when you stack ukuleles and brilliant behemoths with 4x heaven cracker.  Too good!  Getting through the early game wasn't even that hard when I did this run -- war banner is really the key to having good starts.
- La Danse Macabre.  Still the most amazing song.  Wahhhh
- Calligraphy!  In addition to finally ordering an instant read thermometer (finally I will cook meat and fish to medium rare without so much fuss) I ordered myself some basic calligraphy supplies; excited to start practicing!
- Steven Universe!
- Potentially getting to see B this weekend! wahhhhh

Things that are not awesome:

- Having a headache =(
- Having to wake up and go to work tomorrow =(  If my headache is not feeling better I might skip or go home early; we'll see.  At least there is the potential promise of JLFs on the sf3 cabinet =X

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