Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Music Commissions!

Some of you may already know about this, but I've been working on some music commissions lately!

First up, Lunar Love is the theme song I made for CarlyontheMoon, a friendly twitch streamer who has used my music for quite some time.  Go check her channel out, it's going to be featured on the front page soon! :D

You can buy Lunar Love for $1 here: https://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/lunar-love

I've also signed on as the composer for Copy Girl, a Mega Man-esque platformer game that looks super sweet!  Here's the first finished song that I've scored for the game: https://soundcloud.com/ddrkirbyisq/acrylic-action-stain-the-painter

You may not know this, but I also wrote the soundtrack for the Steam game Mysterious Space, a space shooter/exploration game that was originally written in 7 days and has since been greenlit on Steam.  I'll be releasing the current soundtrack very soon, but until then you can stream the unreleased tracks on my soundcloud, like this one: https://soundcloud.com/ddrkirbyisq/afterglow

As a final note, my policy on commissions and music services can be found at http://ddrkirby.com/music/music-services.html.  I don't like to take random commissions too often because I'd rather spend time on my own work, but feel free to hit me up if you have something that you think I'd be interested in!  (Though my commission schedule is currently booked up until I finish the Copy Girl OST)

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