Thursday, August 22, 2013

Woke up early today, for the first time in...gosh, forever.  The weather is so nice...can it just stay like this the whole day?  Will it???  Ahh, it's too much to hope, maybe.  But the clouds are so nice...almost like it's winter again.  Hey, I'm allowed to talk about the weather on this blog, right?  I can say whatever I want, right?

Looks like project Love Everlasting will be revealed in =November=, so we're going to have to wait another 2.5 months or so.  Sorry, Rachel!  It'll be worth the wait though, I'm sure.  Ahh, I'm really so excited for it...

Been trying my hand at designing my own MtG set, Return to Return to Ravnica, ha ha ha.  We'll see how that goes.

Might be going to Bad Boys of Swing tonight?  It's not too far, so I feel like I might as well go, assuming I'm not tired and feeling up for it.  My WCS is "okay", so it's, okay.

Seems like I regained my stride at work, which is really nice...

Ludum Dare is coming up this weekend.  Trying to keep it a low-stress deal this time, and make a smaller project.  I know I say that every time, but maybe this time will actually be the time when I -do- make a smaller project.  -_-;

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