Tuesday, January 29, 2019

My latest release, "Starlight Festival" has really been getting a lot of love, which is great!  I'm also having people pay way more than the minimum price of $1, which is something I'm always appreciative of.

I know I keep on repeating this like a broken record but it's because it's still underrated: Memoirs of a Whale (from my Sentience album) is my ultimate work and despite being in a style that is not what I am traditionally known for, it is unquestionably my greatest musical achievement in my career as a songwriter and producer and I can't even fathom how I could top it (not that I ever have to).

There are some things that I would like to not give names to so let's not:

"Thing 1" is annoying as always, but I think I'm handling it ok.  It's all about small changes, it has been so long where things have been this way so I am certain there is nothing that is really going to change in a big way, but by changing small things bit by bit, it can become a little better maybe.  That's really all I could ask for.

"Thing 2" is interesting, as I feel like my attitude about it has been shifting.  I thought at first that I should not care about anybody else's expectation and try only to focus on my own thoughts, and my own hopes for it.  But thinking about it some more, I am not really fully convinced I ought to be doing that either.  Perhaps it doesn't make so much sense to assign any sort of importance to this thing.  Maybe that ought to be the lesson that I take away from it.

I finished the main campaign of Flinthook!  It was pretty fun, and I think I'll go ahead and do all the ghost ship missions to get the true ending as that doesn't seem super difficult.  After that I'll put the game down I'm pretty sure -- it's not something that has a huge amount of replay value in it I feel like, (unfortunately?), but I guess that's not really so bad either.

I've been starting to play more System Shock 2 again!  There are some pretty impressive fan-made campaigns that have been made (3 of them that are really well done), so I'm starting to play through them on impossible difficulty.  It's really cool playing through something so fresh -- it's a lot more atmospheric and frightening when you don't know where everything is.  So that's been quite enjoyable.  Going to be streaming and recording that on twitch/youtube, whee.

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