Sunday, February 5, 2017

Everything is just better when you are comfortable with what you're doing.

It was a good week this week.  I'm settled into things at work and I really feel like I've hit my stride as far as that goes, which is magnificent.  Not only that, but it feels like I've gotten pretty used to the train commute as well!  I've been getting more work done on Rhythm Quest in the mornings -- made a progress bar, and figured out how to do proper text outlines as well.  The first level is coming along, but in order to make any more progress on it I have to sit down sometime at home and actually finish up the music.  On the plus side, the slopes are working as they should so nothing else should be too hard in terms of implementation.

I also poked around for games that I could play during the train ride (in addition to watching the 2nd season of Chihayafuru) and found out that Owlboy (which I recently bought on sale) runs on OSX (still haven't bothered to make a windows partition), so I've been playing through that.  It's a bit awkward with a trackpad, but once I figured out how to right-click and right-click-drag effectively (not obvious at first!) things have been much better.  I haven't played through Hatoful Boyfriend yet and own it so that will be next once I finish up Owlboy.  Been continuing to play through Earthbound at home, too!  (Just got to Threed)

Had another melee session yesterday, which went pretty well!  I figured out some stuff about upthrow platform followups with fox against spacies, which is useful to know (though needs a lot of practice to start really getting it).  I still need to edgeguard better with fox when they are close, by using fullhop nairs as well as shinespikes.

I've been requisitioned for another 11th-hour "we need your help to make a remix really fast" assignment, this time for a Link to the Past remix, so we'll see if I can pull that one off.  In related news, the Crypt of the Necrodancer Amplified OCR album is out, along with the SMRPG OCR remix project, and I'm featured on both -- yay!

Today I hope to try and get started on that remix and/or get started on the next layer of my Journey cosplay.  This one might be a little tricky to lay out but there's only a couple of weeks left until VBall so I need to go and get started!

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