Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SPNTR/Leigh Nash, lost hairties

A lot of people may not know this about me but in addition to listening to a bucket load of electronic music I'm also a big fan of Sixpence None the Richer and Leigh Nash.  I think I rediscover every couple of months how good this music is for my soul (which you'll know if you've been following closely, haha).  I think it's been etched into my past, especially since I spent so much time listening to some of these songs, back when I was still using my ipod mini (good times!), especially during times like french AP "class" which was not really "class" so much as me just doing work (or taking naps) in a room by myself (true story).

It's hard to pick out a favorite to share with you all, so maybe I'll just pick a few over the next few posts.  Leigh and SPNTR have done a lot of Christmas music as well, which I always start listening to around this time of year -- there's some really good ones, including "Christmas Island" which I've heard at the mall sometimes!

Here's one that I have a very particular memory of:

I don't know if I was initially a big fan of this song, actually, but I distinctly remember a sleepless night that I spent on the east coast at my best friend's place when I was feeling quite melancholy.  I was actually just lying down on the floor listening to Leigh's songs on my phone, and this one came on which I hadn't heard in a while.  It's difficult to describe the feeling that the song brings, but perhaps you can understand if you listen to it yourself.

I lost my pink hello kitty bow hair tie last night, meaning I really only have one more of those left (the really old Cinnamoroll one).  These are really important and useful to me and I could do various things to try and cope, including kicking myself, trying to order more (can't find them anywhere), or even hoping that the next time I go to Puroland they will still have similar things available.  But in the end I think the only thing to be done is to let it go and accept that the time came.  I'm reminded very strongly of the parable of the "glass already being broken", which I heard a version of from my best friend a month or so ago.

That being said, nice bow hair ties are now #1 on my wishlist, haha.

I did a little bit more work on Rhythm Quest yesterday adding double-attack notes, but after I finished, I actually questioned whether that's something that I actually need in the game -- I'm not sure that it is.  I do think (?) that I need notes where you need to hit both buttons at once though, so I might try and give that a shot this time.  That's a goal for today, as well as finishing the livestream WIP that's almost done, doing at least one more Christmas letter, and dealing with some paperwork/forms.  I'll be going up to Mission City Swing tonight, definitely looking forward to that.

Watched another episode of the second season of Hibike! last night and omg *flail*.  I have no words for how strongly I appreciate it.

Also did some crying last night, about the past (what else?).  A good sort of cry though, not a bad one.  It is extremely vital to me to stay connected to the past...can't move forward unless I know that I'm still holding onto what's behind me, or at the very least know what I am walking away from.

I don't really do new year's resolutions very often, but I hope that in the coming year I can spend more time on other people and spend more time together with others.  I think that will be a big challenge given that everyone is just so busy with their own lives and priorities, but I'd like to at least try.  I really value availability and dependability.

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