Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rhythm Quest Update 8 - Attack Animation

These animations take forever.....

Also just holding one of the run frames for use as a jump animation for now.  Also I finally bound the buttons to keyboard keys so that I can play with my keyboard instead of my mouse now!  Also added a few more particles to enemy deaths.

The sword slash is working, though it will definitely need some tweaking in the future if I want it to really feel right.  One thing that's important in these sorts of games is to really minimize the "wind-up" animation time before the actual action happens, as that can lead to a weird perception of "lagginess" if it's too long (made that mistake in the original version of Melody Muncher).  I'm using 2 frames of windup right now, which I could potentially cut down to just one if that's too much, but we'll see.

It still doesn't really feel fun, but I'm guessing that's probably because the music is just two bars repeated over and over again and the notes don't match it at all.  On the plus side, it's *looking* better and better.

I might actually be ready to try making a real song at this point, to see how it all fits together.  Other important things I need to do are to do the shield notes, as well as add repeated notes and hold notes.  But maybe I can just go ahead and make a song even without any of those?  I can always re-chart it later...

Also missing are sound effects, which are pretty important as well.  Maybe those will go in before I start working on music.  Reminder to self that I should also experiment with a minimal screen shake effect upon hitting an enemy (a la Melody Muncher).

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