Tuesday, October 4, 2016

There's nothing quite like waking up at 3 in the morning to write a letter to a friend.

I've been trying to make sure that I'm prioritizing things in my life properly, and most of all to make sure that I'm meeting my standards for how I want to be living my life, especially with regards to what I'm spending my time on and how emotionally and socially available I am.  Waking up in the middle of the night (after a long "nap") and writing this letter makes me feel like I'm myself again, in a good way.

Also, it's Fall now!!!  I'm ridiculously happy about this.  I woke up this morning not quite having had enough sleep and was feeling pretty groggy, but once I stepped outside I felt amazing.  Few things in this world energize me more than a beautiful cloudy morning.  Maybe it'll even rain sometime soon -- one can only hope.

Today was a surprisingly great start to the week!  Getting a massage at work definitely helped, but it wasn't just that either.  Felt like I was able to do the right things, feel accomplished enough, leave on time, and then I was also able to retrieve my present!  I had mistakenly delivered a present into someone's mail slot only to realize too late that my friend had changed addresses, so I wrote up a short handwritten note and they were actually so kind as to call me back and leave it out for me on the porch so that I could go and get it.  I mean, it wouldn't actually be the end of the world or anything if I had lost it forever, as I could replace the present and I have been good about taking photographs of all of my letters before sending them, so nothing lost for good, but I was still happy that that all worked out.  Now if only I could find the Cinnamoroll hairtie that I lost last week =(  Pretty sure it's gone forever and that it just slipped off as I was walking around outside somewhere, which made me super sad.

Got to play some Melee with Brett tonight -- I was feeling super on top of my game today msotly, and my tech-chasing was on point with both Fox and Marth.  Felt great!  I even seem to be somehow learning how to play Falcon somewhat, which is amazing because that's a character that I've always really struggled to get the hang of.

I'm starting off a Kaladesh sealed league at work!  Should be exciting to actually get my hands dirty with the format and see how vehicles, energy, and fabricate all end up actually playing out.  It's been a while since I've played any MtG, really, so I'm looking forward to trying to find the right build of my sealed pool.  Or, you know, maybe opening a masterpiece or something.  xD

Visited Yang up in SF the other day!  It was great; something I'll have to do more often! (as in more often than once a year lol)  We got to talking about socialization and connection and adult life and everything, which is part of the reason I was thinking about life priorities and making sure that I'm doing things the way that I want on a daily basis.

FFT has been going well!  I'm now significantly underleveled compared to the enemies in the story battles (sometimes as much as 10 levels lower) yet still kicking butt because my characters are pretty awesome.  My black mage/samurai with draw out/iado just walks up and absolutely destroys everybody, and I'm also in the middle of chapter 4 now and have picked up Cid, who not only is going to destroy a whole bunch of people by himself but also comes with the Excalibur which I handed off to Ramza to give him haste.  I actually turned Ramza into a Knight and am thinking to maybe (!???) make him into a Dark Knight.....but we'll see if that actually happens; it takes a lot of grinding to get there.  On the plus side, leveling as a knight is good for PA growth regardless, so nothing really lost there.

I've had a couple of story battles where I wanted to steal some things and I've gotten pretty good at taking control of a battle now.  Having Lavian, my dancer, as part of the team definitely helps out immensely, as she just uses the slowing dance to eventually grind the enemy team to a halt.  From there, it's just all about taking out the enemies without important gear and surviving while she does her thing.

My Celestial Melodies physical CD sold out at FNW!  I didn't expect to have so much interest in it, so that was super cool that people actually wanted my CD.  I didn't have any for the dance on Sunday, but I have a shipment of 33 more coming in, hopefully in time for Jammix this Friday =X

Hope to be writing here a little bit more often.  It always feels nice...and it reminds me of the past, in the best way.

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