Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's been a pretty good time recently!

There's some super exciting stuff that I've been working on that I can't really talk about until later -- hoping it all works out!  Stay tuned for more, I guess. :)

Otherwise, things have been great!  I found some time for both letters and calligraphy this weekend, which was good, and also met up with a friend who was visiting from SF, which was really nice.  Made tomato soup for the second time, to pretty good success!

Also, random plug for "薔薇祭", a song off of A-zu-ra's amazing album "the bed of diverse flowers".  A-zu-ra's a musical friend of mine and this has always been my favorite track of his, off of my favorite album of his.  You can listen to it at  The intro is spectacular in every way, and recently I've been really appreciating some of the development and countermelodies in the later parts of the track as well.  Recommended.

Another random note: I've got a huge surplus of physical album CDs for Celestial Melodies, so please get in touch with me if you're in the area and want one!

I guess I never wrote about Boogie by the Bay 2016 and the first Jammix back at Roble here, but they were both quite fun and good (this was two weekends ago).  Learned a lot at Boogie and had a bunch of awesome dances, especially some really amazing ones with a couple of girls who both lead and follow -- always fun switching back and forth.  Samantha Buckwalter and Kelly Casanova I think were teaching their lead-switching class again one of the days (didn't go because it would have been the 3rd time I had taken it).  I definitely feel like my WCS has gotten significantly better since last year, which is great!  Jammix was really surreal, but quite fun as well.  Had one or two quite good dances, and also waxed nostalgic about the past.  It was good to be back. :)

Lower back has been sore the past few days, so trying to make sure I can recover from that. =(  I hope it doesn't become a chronic thing -- usually I think it starts up because I do something silly like try to sit on the ground or against the wall for a while.  I'm really bad at sitting on the floor comfortably for longer periods of time, I realized.

I'd like to continue to try and make sure that I'm covering all the right bases in terms of time management in my day-to-day life; basically, ensuring that I'm prioritizing the right things.  I think the biggest obstacle continues to be the fact that sometimes I just don't have the focus or motivation to work on the things that I actually want, but of course it can also help to make sure that I'm saying "no" to the right things to ensure that I have enough space in my life.  If things go well, I feel like you should see me posting here slightly more often.  Traditions like these are important to me.

Besides the stuff I can't talk about, I think my next "things to work on" should be some overdue tweaks to Watch for Falling Rocks to get it ready for mobile release, and then getting back to music writing so I can make something to use as a Patreon song.

Hard to believe that Halloween is only a week away!  This is also around time for me to start working on Christmas letters for this year :)

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