Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today was....interesting.  Not even sure whether I'm supposed to be happy or sad right now.

Regardless, I 3-0d the draft tonight -- second time in a row!  I've actually only lost one match so far in the Eldritch Moon format (and that was during the prerelease...definitely could have played one game of that better).  The draft was very tricky to navigate...P1P1 started off with an interesting decision between Assembled Alphas and Choking Restraints.  Choking Restraints is =probably= the correct pick here, but I decided to take the Assembled Alphas to see how well it played.  It's still a very good card, but it's also a 6-drop, so I think it's reasonable to take the restraints over it.  I guess it was also worth noting that Mercurial Geists was in the pack and might wheel?  But I don't think that should really change the pick.  However I wanted to try out the rare to see how it played.  I followed it up with another odd pick -- this time I took another rare to see how it played -- Stromkirk Occultist, over the "safe" pick which would have been Ulvenwald Captive.  I ended up with an amazingly sweet deck featuring 3x Mercurial Geists (!), 4x Take Inventory (!), Docent of Perfection, Assembled Alphas, Fevered Visions, Confirm Suspicions...kind of sweet, to say the least.  It was sort of lacking solid 2 and 3-drops -- I had a sanguinary mage and a breakneck rider, and would have killed for another sanguinary mage, or an ingenious skaab.  But in practice I actually ended up OK and never got steamrolled, though to be honest I didn't play any matches against quick curve-out beatdown decks.


Don't know what I should be praying for anymore

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