Sunday, August 2, 2015
So cool!  The fanmade tarot cards sets are something I've seen before; I think it's always a really really excellent idea.

Found it as I did catchup looking through websites of people from Fanime Artist's Alley (I know I know, months ago).  To be honest I don't really follow people after picking up their cards, but I find that it's a nice way to show support for someone even if you don't buy anything of theirs.  Plus I'm sure they appreciate getting an extra view even if it doesn't turn into a customer.  Hey--I came close to wanting to buy a stationery set, so that's something, right?  Apparently is a thing now...I feel like before it was more on etsy and such?  Not sure, I'm not really in the know for these things.

Been playing more The Last of Us...we're pretty far now!  Quite enjoyed some parts, think it's really well done.  I kind of got the hang of combat and stealth now; there were a few times where I still had trouble but for the most part I'm doing much better and smarter.  We're off to the Spring chapter now...

Been having much much more problems with motion sickness and nausea from planes and games than I used to in past years, I think.  Or maybe it's just because I happen to actually want to play TLOU a bunch despite it being a game that triggers that in me.  I've found that ginger does the trick for helping me combat it--and that fresh ginger is much more effective than ginger in pill form.  Something about the taste and the smell, I think.  You can try slicing and/or grating ginger and boiling it, then sipping at it if you're having issues with that.  If the taste is too strong you might even be able to just get away with smelling it every so often; I think that helps too.

The little "episode" I had is mostly over now, I think.  Some of it was just bad emotional health and me being stupid, but I have to say a lot of it was also just a series of unfortunate events and bad timings; stuff happens sometimes unluckily, but...we livin.

Got a new SF player at work, one who's not a scrub!  Actually knows what to do, hits his links and cancels and everything, plays cleanly and doesn't do random stuff like only use supers on wakeup, etc etc.  So that's nice.  I felt super accomplished when I took on his Ken with my Makoto, though I can't say it wasn't difficult.  I definitely still have some execution problems (50% from the sticks being kind of jank, but I'm learning to adjust to it), and I still have some habits that the other non-scrub was calling me out on during some matches, but in general I'm not feeling too bad about my play.

We're doing a Magic: Origins sealed league at pool is OK.  Came up with a controlly B/W deck that is actually probably a little worse than I thought at first glance.  It's definitely capable of doing some strong things, with Hixus and Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, plus the synergies between Blightcaster, Weight of the Underworld x 2, Auramancer x 2, and Shadows of the Past, plus Nantuko Husk which has always been pretty solid from my experience.  I do have a problem though in that I can't really deal with x/3s effectively -- I mean, sure, Weight of the Underworld will probably reduce them to 0/1 chump blockers but ideally I'd like more than that.  I actually have an Anointer of Champions that I was running but took out for Knight of the Pilgrim's Road...not sure if that is the right call at all since Anointer is really good, but very not-good on offense and I don't think I'm really attacking that often.  It could maybe be right to take out cleric of the forward order in favor of the anointer, but I'm not sure.  On second thought, maybe the right thing to do is take out enshrouding mist and put in anointer?  It's really awkward because I have this controlly plan of Blightcaster plus Weight of the Underworld and my 3-drops are not very aggressive at all but on the other than I have 2 topan freeblades that would love to get in early.  Anointer helps the freeblades get in which would be great, but on all the other games where I don't have t2 topan freeblade, I'm not really going to be attacking that well with my 2/2s and such so anointer is bad there since my deck is trying to stabilize and set up good blocks (maybe in conjunction with nantuko husk) then remove their threats with weight/blightcaster/throwing knife/celestial flare before accumulating value and/or a win condition.  So I guess anointer should probably be out after all; the only reason it's good is because it's a creature which is good for nantuko husk and shadows of the past but otherwise it's worse than enshrouding mist unless I get t2 topan freeblade.  I don't think I have that many other options in my pool unfortunately, though I will definitely look again.  Blue was super shallow and unexciting, Red had a little more but still not that much, and Green had some OK cards but nothing really powerful--I think it's like 2 leaf gliders, a rhox maulers, and a yeva's forcemage.  Maybe one wild instincts?  I think it's clear that I need to run W, and the WB plan lets me actually put the auramancers to good use and gives me the most synergistic build overall.  I guess what I really want is some suppression bonds; either that or some more quality 3-drops, like deathbridge shaman...eyeblight assassin would probably be fine too, or fetid imp.  Reave soul would be wonderful too, or unholy hunger, or stalwart aven too...even guardian automaton might be good, though I already have a lot of 4s...

Going to be shifting my schedule earlier so that I can help drive meowmie to and from work...let's see if I can be disciplined and learn how to sleep early and wake early...

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