Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PSA for bandcamp downloads

Alright, after the influx of downloads from Korean folks, I'm now completely out of free bandcamp download credits.  I've known for a while that 200 free downloads per month was getting unsustainable, and so I knew this time would come.  I'm not going to pay more out of my own pocket to enable the free downloads again as that's not really self- sustainable either.  So:

- All of my latest albums are now set to $1 each until further notice.  This includes all of my official albums as well as "Monthlies" albums from the current calendar year.

- Monthlies from before this year are still unavailable at the moment.

Obviously the latter point is not ideal.  I also don't think every single one of my albums deserves to be a paid album, for instance some of the albums that are a single track only, like the TwinkleShooter OST.

Moving forward I think there are two options for how to take care of these:

Option (A) is that I find a better way to host the music for free somewhere (I'm open to suggestions).  Dropbox unfortunately is not an option anymore since my monthly batch downloads are huge (worse when it's the FLAC version) and dropbox has bandwidth limits (20GB/day free 200GB/day corporate).  I could do amazon S3 or something?

Option (B) is that I start making mega-compilation albums as actual bandcamp albums.  There are no actual limits on sizing for bandcamp albums, so theoretically I can upload the entirety of Monthlies Batch Download 2013 as a single bandcamp album with individual cover art for each track.  Or I could even just do a $1 album for "all free material I've released in 2013" which could include things like the TwinkleShooter OST.  Seems reasonable...

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