Wednesday, April 23, 2014

It used to be so easy for me to speak.  Look at this piece from February of 2005:


lets look at today.  hey, maybe this’ll actually be a good post.

-got up, ate stuff, went to my flute lesson.  actually did okay, despite…uhm…sucking.

-went to track practice from 2:30-4:30.  ran.  then did miscellaneous stuff.  then ran for half and hour straight.  wheee…?

oh, and sorry jen, i didn’t know you were “uninformed”…-_-;  lol…

-whoo….go..getting stuff done.  kinda.  i guess.  wont go into details because ehh….i wont bother.

-this new PLL alg is….tasty…..heheh….

-it’s thursday.  angel still needs to come over, people should go to the movies, and i still have stuff to get done.

hm…i’m kinda wondering if i’ll experience some flood of emotion.
…nah, it’ll probably feel the same.  or something.

guys are dumb.

oh yeah, recently i’ve been booted off of the computer a lot more often.  whereas before it was occasionally because my dad wanted to burn some dvd, now my brother has been going on an ebay frenzy buying hella games.  which….is fine.  except sometimes i need the computer to get stuff done.  orrrrr i could be in the middle of an important conversation with an awesome person.  oh well….

gosh, i hate it when the aim buddy list window decides to suddenly move around at random.

uhm…..interrupted my chain of thought….(train of thought?……uh….chain?……..tetris attack?)

random moment: me playing wc3 in a separate room in ryan’s house.  other people were chatting and nick says something about a noise and techno.  I get up, pop my head in–”techno?  where?”

uhmm……oh yeah, i got 3 pieces that might work for me conducting.  ehh….most of the stuff i looked at was either bleh, or i didn’t know the conductor, or it was too hard.  (haha, our band playing toccata and fugue by Bach with me conducting.  yeah right.)  i ended up picking 2 bach pieces and 1 mozart.   lol.  expect a bach.

whoo….over 300 words.  i guess this is a good post. XD


……dangit.  i just ran out.  oh well.

i need to cube more often with Cubie.  awesome.  work on the F2L.

need to play SSBM.  yes.

need wc3.  yep.


hey, cool!  it’s only 9:30!  and tomorrow, i dont have to get up early!  yayy!!!



Have I really improved since then?  When you read that post, I'm sure all you see is a childish bratty teenager with an ego problem.  But I think that person was better than me in some ways.  Wow, I poured more alcohol for myself than I thought.  Oops oh wlel

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