Thursday, April 3, 2014

I get really sad, thinking about the past sometimes.  It's not even necessarily anything specific, to be honest.  Just...who I am, I think.  I had Secret Base running through my head earlier today; it was starting to get me into a...forlorn?  mood.  Not sure what the right word to describe it is, really.  Melancholy?  Not quite...

Spent a lot of last night on cleaning, which was awesome to get done.  Cleaned the kitchen, the floors, put some stuff away, started doing laundry...yay.  They're starting to get my albums up on Overclocked Records now (, which is cool!

I feel like I've been skimping on writing...well, okay, maybe not completely, since I did get some writing done while I was on my trip to the East Coast.  But somehow I haven't been finding "the right times" to sit down and write, even in my diary.  Right before I go to bed is usually a great time for diary writing, but somehow, I've been ending the day with too little energy for it.  Need to catch up on sleep, I guess.

The MtG "back draft" at work has been going well...I've actually been having quite a bit of fun picking apart the terrible draft pools and trying to build the best decks that I can out of them.  It's actually quite skill-intensive of a format, I think.  Not only trying to build decks across 3 colors, but also the fact that you know what pool -they're- going to be building with, and what deck type they're likely to construct, so you can cater your deck towards working well against their creatures and their game plan.  It's also super-easy to play around tricks know exactly what tricks they have in their pool.  So far I've gone 2-1 in both of my matches.  Some guy got set up and only ended up with 4 (!) creatures though, so he's basically got a free ticket to being 10-0 unless luck is on someone else's side.  I'm actually looking forward to trying to scramble together something with a halfway-decent shot at taking a match win off of him.  My thought is to construct the deck off of a single game plan: Mulligan Aggressively.

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