Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fanime Day 3

Sunday, my last day at Fanime.  Here was my last chance to make the most I could out of the con...

I decided to go without makeup for the day, as I was just...kind of tired after wearing it for the past 3 days or so.  I just wanted to take it a little bit easier and not worry about eyeliner getting all messed up whenever my eyes got irritated or something.

I didn't have anything to do until the Disney gathering at 1PM.  I was going to grab lunch at a sushi place near home but it turns out they were closed for memorial day weekend or something, so I just headed over to the con, found cheap parking (I think I actually parked in a different parking garage every single day of the con, lol!), and grabbed a sandwich from Subway while on the way to the Disney meetup.

I saw many of the same faces that I had the previous day during the Disney Extended Family gathering, but there were some new people here as well, including Queen Elinor!

We finally got a Brave group shot too--look at the little bear! (His name is Hubert)

I ended up making some small talk with the Merida on the right here (and her bear friend) as we were doing other Disney photos and everything.  I also got her in an action pose with her (handmade!) bow:

So cool!  They said they were going to head to the Artist's Alley to meet their friends and then get lunch, and I asked them if I could just hang out with them--they said yes!  So I spent a good portion of the day just hanging out with them, which was super cool!  My first time meeting strangers at Fanime and hanging out with them, I was really happy being able to meet new people like that!  Not to mention...I got to hang out with Merida!  Omg~

After they got lunch, I mentioned to them that I was planning on heading over to the cosplay masquerade show, which started at 4, and they said they would come check it out with me!  After splitting off from them for a bit to go to the gaming hall (played some more TGM3), we met back up and headed over to wait in line for the masquerade.  And...waited for a long time in the line....quite a while, and later we learned that despite what I had read in the forum post ("curtain opens at 4PM sharp") the doors wouldn't open until 5PM for seating, and the actual thing wouldn't start until 6!?!?  -_-  My friends had to leave too--Merida had a flight at 8 or 8:30 or something, so that wasn't going to work.  So we just returned to the artist's alley to reconvene with their friends (I apologized that it turned out that way).  So that was sort of a bummer.  I didn't really want to keep waiting for the masquerade--for one thing, I was tired of being in line, and for another thing, even though I did enjoy it last year, I kind of didn't feel like going to it by myself--I think it wouldn't have really been as fun.  I said to myself (and Merida and bear) that I could always just go and try to watch it on youtube later or something.

I said farewell to my two new friends at that point, and split off with them in search of other people and other things to do.  My memory is actually a bit fuzzy at this point; I think I probably just ended up playing some more TGM3 (running into Kitaru maybe?  Or Ray and Allen, I think it was?  I forget...), texting/twittering/IMing people to see where they were at.  Eventually I left (1-2 hours later or something) and was going to check the masquerade to see if I could get in now.  On my way there I happened to run into Belicia and Erica and co (their mom, Alicia, Katherine, etc) who were on their way to get dinner, so I asked if I could join them.  We went to a hot dog/sandwich/panini place and my panini took forever to come out so I ended up only eating half of it haha.  I said goodbye to Belicia and Erica and their mom, who were going home, ran into ShinDeh randomly (oh hey!!~), and then headed back to the gaming room yet again.

I first checked the status of the Nidhogg tourney, which I was late for (it was past 7PM), and though I had put my name on a sheet somewhere I didn't see it on their list or waiting list, and frankly didn't care when I saw that there were already 50+ names on the list and waiting list combined.  I asked how many setups there were (only 1...and Nidhogg is a 1v1 game) and made a somewhat snide remark about how there should be more, at which point the guy who was there told me very explicitly to "fuck off" if I didn't have another TV, controllers, and game, which left me with quite a bitter taste as I walked away.  I guess we were both sort of in the wrong there, but anyways I tried my best to see if I could shake that feeling.  It really bothered me, and was honestly the most negative thing I've ever experienced at all of Fanime.

I ended up running into Russell, Kyou, and Wendy, who were going to get dinner, so I followed them (even though I already had eaten a bit and had the other half of my panini in a box that I was carrying around).  They went to a Chinese restaurant and I just chilled with them as they ate.  I went back with them to the gaming hall, where we sort of...walked around and did nothing.  Eventually CCY showed up and they tried to get some Mahjong going on, which I briefly watched a bit of.  I think I tried to play a bit more TGM3, then got up and headed over to the Dance.  I had mixed feelings on going into the Dance; on the one hand, EDM can be great and all, and I actually had quite the experience last year.  On the other hand, they haven't allowed chemical glowsticks in quite some time now so I can't go and glowstick in there, which is disappointing.  I checked out the line, saw that it wasn't bad, and just decided to go for it anyways.  I made it in and checked out what was going on.  There were 3 rooms--I passed by the smaller rooms and went into the big one, where I saw somebody spinning some LED-based poi.  I asked if I could try (guy said to be careful since they're fragile, and I told him I'd just do some basic weaves), and I just did some basic weaves and windmills and such before giving it back to him (explaining that I mostly did glowstringing so I was used to wraps and stuff, which I couldn't do with those), so that was fun.  Obviously he was much better than me, poi moves look so fluid and awesome when someone good is doing them, haha.

I walked around a little more between the rooms after the big room started playing some meh music (non-4-on-the-floor stuff), and I found that the first room that I had passed was actually playing trance!  Uplifting trance!  Wow!  I set my stuff down in there and just stayed there for a while, until midnight when the guys' set ended.  It wasn't amazing or anything, and although I recognized some of the melodies, I didn't actually know or particularly love any of the songs (come on, play some stuff that I'd hear on Group Therapy or something, please?),, uplifting trance is just great!  I also used my earbuds as makeshift earplugs from time to time as to not expose my ears to the full volume for too long, which was helpful.  But yeah, I was dancing a bit, but mostly just standing in the back and taking in the music.  Haha, it's really been a long time since I've listened to good ol uplifting trance like that.  Good times.

Back in the gaming hall, I handed my badge off to Russell since I wouldn't need it anymore, and then I ran into Kitaru who was clearing the invisible roll on Master mode (good job!).  I sat down and played a bunch more TGM3 with him, including a bunch of Shirase versus mode...good times.  I also managed to qualify for S7 and then later S9!  I still didn't finish the game -_- made it to 998 before topping out, can you believe it?  But I passed by S9 qualifying exam anyways, so hooray~

After that we headed out, Alex caught up with some of his friends and I said bye to him as well, leaving the con, walking away from the convention center, and saying my final mental farewells to Fanime for this year.

It was a good time this really was.  It actually turned out...really really well, thinking about all of it.  I'm glad for the awesome prints I bought at the artist's alley, I'm glad for all the friends that I was able to run into and hang out with.  I'm glad for meeting Merida and her bear, and being able to hang out with them, despite having only just met them.  It felt nice to be recognized as Kikyo by random people, though I know that it's not "true" since I don't really know Kikyo so well.  I'm really glad TGM3 was there, I feel like it's not a proper Fanime experience without TGM there in some form or another!  I played 120+ of the 477 games of TGM3 that were played there, haha...yes, I played quite a lot of TGM3.  I didn't mind missing out on the swap meet, or the cosplay masquerade, or the nidhogg tourney, or anything.  I think there were some moments where I really did sort of worry that I didn't really have anything to do, that I would just "finish" Fanime early and have no one to spend time with...but that didn't end up happening.

It was really different this year.  I think it really worked out.  Thank you Fanime.  Thank you everyone.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fanime Day 2

Saturday...the weekend proper had arrived, and now Fanime was really in full swing.

I woke up early, needing to get to the Rumiko Takahashi gathering which was starting at 10:30AM.  Skipped out on Russell's Mahjong panel, sorry Russell!  I needed more sleep...

Parking was a success this time!  Only paid $5 for the whole day, woo-hoo.  Hopefully I'll be able to win at that tomorrow as well, though maybe I won't if I arrive too late and parking fills up...

I saw a Vanellope on the way to the con!  But I actually didn't see any Wreck-It Ralph people anywhere throughout the rest of the con...kind of sad.

Anyways, my first stop was the Rumiko Takahashi gathering; it was pretty cool to see a Ryoga, Ranma, Akane, and even Genma and...Pantyhose Taro??

Impressive.  The gathering was pretty small, but still rather fun.  I'm glad that another Kikyo showed up; I think I would have felt a bit bad if I were the only one who did, even though I guess part of the reason I decided to be there anyways was in case they didn't have one.  The Inuyashas seemed like pretty cool people, hehe.  Also, that Ranma was totally prepared...he had on the alternate movie outfit underneath his normal one:

After that was all done, I was heading into the con, but they were calling all cosplayers who happened to be around out to the main plaza in front of the convention center so that they could take huge cosplay photos, and...I saw Merida!

When I saw her costume and wig I actually thought for a second that it was the same Merida that I had met the year before, and was a bit embarrassed after tapping her on the shoulder excitedly to find out that she wasn't.  Ah, well, still cool anyways.  But I think I'll never have the same excitement that I did when I met that Merida last year; she was so friendly!  The ones I met today felt so much more...distant...

After briefly meeting up with Azura (I think?) and also Wendy and co. in the gaming room I headed out to grab lunch for myself, settling on Hydration over McDonald's, half because I felt like rice and meat was going to feel like a more proper meal, and half just felt like something that I should do while I'm at Fanime.

Oh wait, actually, I forgot; before that I stopped by both the LoL/Dota and Final Fantasy gatherings, just to see if there was anyone interesting there.  At the LoL gathering I only saw one Sona--the one from before, so whatever.  And the only person interesting at the FF gathering was...a girl who was dressed as Ultros from FF6, haha, woo~  It was kind of sad when they called FF1-3 and no one came up.  I guess that's sensible though; the only ones who would really be there from that are probably generic black and white mages anyways.  But it was also sad that no one else from FFIV or FFVI was there.  Actually, come to think of it, I really haven't seen that many FFIV or FFVI cosplayers at Fanime ever, bah.  I guess sprites don't translate into cosplays as efficiently.  I was half-hoping I'd be able to see Bleu as Rydia or Terra ^^;  Haha, that reminds me of last year during the cosplay masquerade show when they did a Final Fantasy Hunger Games skit, and I was cheering for Terra (who ended up winning!  YES!)...

I ran into a Guqin Sona later!  I probably missed her in the gathering since she didn't have the guqin or anything...

I finally found Belicia and Erica!  (And also got to say hi to Amy after she performed at Fanimaid live...even got to wave hi to Reece, who was visiting as well)  Walked around artist's alley with them some more and...found some more Journey prints and buttons...orz.  I resisted the temptation to buy them (*pats self on shoulder*).

After that I ran off to the Touhou gathering.  I didn't bring my Lily White cosplay this year because...I really don't feel like doing that cosplay anymore, and I'm beginning to care less about the Touhou gathering in general.  It's not really that much fun when not a single person out of Russell, CCY, Derek, Belicia, Kat, Erica, etc. are there.  But I still felt a duty to spread the Lily White love, so I brought my green Lily White sign again (which I had been trolling people with earlier in Artist's Alley and the gaming room), and made sure it got included in the appropriate shots.  Apparently there was also a Lily BLACK this time, what???  I was kind of disappointed that I didn't end up bringing my cosplay after all; we could have had a Lily White + Lily Black shot, how rare would that be???  But...meh, it's fine.  I actually don't really regret it.  I actually don't really care much about that green sign anymore either; I actually ended up stashing it behind a table in the Dealer's Hall; it might still be there at the moment, ha ha ha.  I was thinking of trying to pass it off to someone in the Touhou Gathering, but I'm not even sure they would have taken it...(here, have this random green poster, it's yours now, deal with it, kthxbai?)

Speaking of the Dealer's Hall, this year marks the first time where I bought absolutely =nothing= from the dealer's hall!  Woo~  The only thing that I really wanted was a Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar poster, but...really, even if I seriously wanted it that badly, I have no room on my wall whatsoever to put it on.  So...I guess I'm sort of done with all that.  Or maybe it's just because my fandom(/merchandising?) tastes are different now...I'm going for Journey things and Brave nowadays instead of being all up on Pita-Ten and Nanoha and everything.  So I guess I just buy from Artist's Alley nowadays?  That's kind of...fine, actually, I almost feel like the stuff coming out of there is just, a lot "nicer" sometimes, haha.

I went to the Kyoukai no Kanata gatherine with Belicia and Erica, where...we had like 12 Mirais.  It was actually sort of frightening.

I also ran into a Journeyer!

Dammit, thinking back on it, I probably should have said hi...if I see them again I definitely will try and talk to them and ask them if they're on the forums or anything.  For now, I'll just...blame it on the fact that, it's a Journeyer--why would I think to talk to them using words?  I should just chirp at them and run around in circles around them, then faceplant on the floor.  LOL man...if I ever make a journey cape, I will definitely definitely have to do that if I ever meet another journeyer, ahahahaha...

We went off to the Disney gathering (where I also met up with Isabelle briefly), which was not nearly as epic for me as it was last year (Merida and Wreck It Ralph!!!), but ended up having some epic moments, usually involving Cinderella's sisters:

Who in this shot are pointing at the other pair of sisters who were photobombing them from behind the glass wall.  Too perfect...

Mary Poppins was also awesome, especially the cheeky remarks she made in rebuttal to the Cinderella sisters.  At one point the Cinderella sisters were arguing over who had the better dresses, trying to woo over Gaston, and Mary Poppins over on the side was just like "Well, we all know there's only one person here who's really dressed properly here, now don't we?"  She also made witty remarks about Gaston...something like "No one's been like Gaston...but that doesn't mean to be like Gaston is a good thing."  And when the Cinderella sisters whipped out their recorder and flute and played horrendously, Mary Poppins just did a very deliberate *slow clap*.  Haha, so perfect.

After saying goodbye to Belicia and Erica (who went home for the day), I went over to the gaming room again, where I found that Kitaru had set up Ti!  So I hopped on that and played for...quite some time, actually, haha.  Ran into Jasper too, and ended up grabbing dinner with him and his friend (cheesesteaks).  I was quite exhausted after all that, but I decided to head back to the con one more time just to see if anyone was around, or if any random strangers seemed amenable to meeting or anything.  I ended up playing some more TGM3, and ended up getting Shirase S5 (and hitting the Torikan) despite feeling quite brain-dead.  So that's my first ever "EXCELLENT/but...let's go better next time".  I also had my first ever promotional exam, which was pretty exciting, although the exam was for S5, which is...not that exciting (for reference, my current best single performance in TexMaster is an M7, which is a full 11 grades higher than that).  It's probably because my Master performances on that account so far have been...pretty crappy (haven't even cleared the game yet).

Anyways, I was definitely much tired, so aching at that point, I checked up on CCY and Russell and said hi to Russell and Wendy but basically just left to go drive home at that point.  At the last chance possible, during the elevator ride up to my parking spot, I struck up a short conversation with a friendly-looking man and woman there, asking them how their con was going and if they had gone in previous years and if they had any plans for tomorrow.  It was a short and trivial conversation, but it actually left me feeling quite good.  I've really come a long way since years past.

Tomorrow I don't have all that much to do, besides maybe stop by the *other* Disney gathering, play some TAP doubles mode if that's set up, and go see the cosplay masquerade.  Oh, there's also a Nidhogg tournament going on at 7PM, but I'm really not sure how long masquerade will take, and I wouldn't be too disappointed if I didn't get to join in the Nidhogg fun; it seems like it's pretty popular and so it will probably take forever to actually get the tournament going.  Plus, what happens if I get the cave stage?  Really the sole reason I want to enter the tournament is so I can show off my fancy movement, hahaha.  Well, whatever.

It's been good so far~  Let's get a good rest and take a good attitude to tomorrow, too!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fanime Day 1

The first full day of Fanime...somehow it felt like I didn't actually do much, but I'm still really exhausted.  I was actually feeling quite tired already at 10/11PM; I guess that's what happens when you spend like 8 hours at con without really taking any time to just chill and sit down and not do much.

I took quite a bit longer than anticipated to get ready (makeup, costume, preparing in case I needed anything, grabbing food for the day, etc), and when I got over to San Jose I had forgotten exactly where the parking lot that I used last year was (yesterday I had used the convention center garage, which was most definitely full today), so I actually spent quite a few minutes just driving around trying to figure out where to park, driving past public parking lots with ridiculous prices like $30 parking.  I ended up going into a garage by Safeway and ended up paying $19 which is kind of sucky but also not actually that bad for a weekday I think.  I probably could have saved $5 or something by parking across the street instead from the looks of it, but oh well, at that point I just wanted to get into the con and be done with it.  Tomorrow I'll go for the one across the street from there; it claims $6 parking on weekends. (?)

I ran into Bleu on my way to the con, yay!  Was nice to see her, and we traded numbers in case I wanted to hang out later.

I saw some LoL cosplayers hanging around outside the convention center, including a Muse Sona, complete with hovering etwahl!  I asked her what she made it out of (spray foam and stuff), and more importantly got to see how she got it to float -- she used thin strings that were attached to her hands, pretty clever!  I'll have to consider that if I ever do that Silent Night Sona cosplay...which I feel like I don't actually want to, now that I think of it.  I'm not enough of a fan of LoL to do that; would much rather just make a Journey cape or something!

Speaking of Journey, today was the day where I went through all of artist's alley, and I picked up some sweet Journey prints!  I basically went through the whole alley and had an "omg" moment each time I saw a Journey print.

I couldn't decide which ones to buy at first (way too expensive to buy =all= of them, unfortunately...), so I ended up just noting them for later, taking pictures of them, and then when I was done going through everything, made the tough choice on which ones to buy and which ones to pass on.  I was so proud to be holding around and showing off my Journey awesome! ^^  Ah, that reminds me, one of the people said they had another print for sale online of the underground level, so I'll have to remember to check that out at some point...

I also picked up a few random other things at artists' alley, like a postcard, a random print from thousandskies that I really liked, and some LoL stuff.  I ran into Bleu again, too!

After walking back and forth to and from my car to both drop off my prints and to grab the rest of my sandwich, I spent most of the rest of the day in the gaming room playing in the Tetris tourney, alongside Alex and Azura and co.  I got to play and see all these weird Tetris games for the first time, including Tetris Battle Gaiden, Magical Tetris, and N64 Tetris Giga was actually quite ridiculous.  I was sorely feeling the absence of the TAP machine though, I was really itching to play TGM.  Maybe Alex will manage to have it set up tomorrow.

That was fun anyways.  Oh, apparently there was also a Nidhogg tourney going on; I should have signed up for that, but I didn't know about it, haha.  Oh well.  I would have loved to demonstrate my mastery of the movement techniques in that game, but hey hey, it's fine, it's fine.

Afterwards I went to check the swap meet line again (nope, still linecon city), and ended up running into Josh and Bryan from high school, whoa!  They weren't going to the con, but they happened to be in the area (for Mega Ran's show?  Small world...), so they just wanted to check it out.  I chilled with them for a while and sort of just people-watched for a bit before they took off.

After that I went back into the con, with nothing really left to do--I wanted to go through dealer's hall some other day (it was probably closed by this time anyways), and didn't want to spend that much there since I had already spent money on...Journey prints, haha.  Some of my friends weren't coming until tomorrow, so I wasn't really sure what I should be doing anymore.  I considered driving off to go to FNW, but somehow I didn't feel like that either, possibly because my feet hurt from standing/walking around for a good part of the day.

I ended up running into Russell and Wendy and...someone else from Stanford whose name I don't know, oops.  So I hung out with them for a while and just proceeded to have random conversations, some involving Wendy talking about chickens, and eating knees, also she randomly twisted my skirt.


CCY also stopped by and said hi, so all in all that was a pretty successful random encounter, hooray~  It was getting pretty late though, so I left and went home.  Now I need to rest up because I actually need to be at con early tomorrow (as opposed to today) to go to the Rumiko Takahashi gathering at 10:30AM...Some people already recognized me as Kikyo today (and asked for pictures)'s an interesting feeling, I guess I know how "that" feels like now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fanime Day 0

Well, that was quick.

Here we are at Fanime again, before I even realized it.  It really sneaked (snuck?) up on me this year, it seems like.  Maybe it's because I'm just being busy occupied by work, Decadance, Ludum Dare, and everything like that, that it surprised me when all of a sudden memorial day weekend rolled around.  I even forgot to ask for Friday off until this week! xD

I was actually in a bit of busy-busy mode before leaving for Fanime...I had been doing a bunch of different things at work, barely wrapping up around 5PM or so, at which point I had to borrow a hard drive enclosure, drop by my house, drop if off, head back home, and do OHC (which turned out alright actually).  After that I warmed up some leftovers, ate while OHC listening party was going on, and got ready to go after getting a message from my friend Shindeh, who was over there already.

I can't say much happened today, really.  Russell was picking up my badge, so really all I was planning to do was stop by, check out the swap meet to buy any cute cheap things that I saw (like stationery and such), and maybe stop by the gaming room as well to see if anyone I knew was around.  Apparently linecon was non-existent this year, and badge pickup was EXTREMELY fast compared to...well, how it is normally, which is quite horrendous.  Sure enough, the first thing I noticed after parking and walking into the convention center was the long winding maze of caution tape.....and nobody actually standing there waiting in it.  GG linecon, GG.

I was trying to find Shindeh when Russell and Kyou (who later remarked that I'm apparently quite easy to spot from far away?) called out to me and I said hi to them, got my badge, and sat with them for a bit.  Some photographer asked to shoot some photos of Kyou and...of me?  Which was a bit surprising, since I wasn't actually in real cosplay--I was just wearing my sailor fuku top with long sleeves and long skirt, as a sort of..."dress down cosplay" I guess you could call it?  But whatever.  We had a somewhat amusing conversation where I mentioned I was going to wear a miko outfit tomorrow and he totally misheard me as saying "Miku" which led to some confusion.  I guess it's really interesting since a year or two ago this would already seem like a big deal to be wearing and I'd treat it as a "costume", but nowadays...I've definitely worn this to like, Deca rehearsal and everything.  *shrug*

I didn't end up meeting with Shindeh, and I didn't see Alex in the gaming room either.  Looking outside, apparently linecon was actually at the Swap Meet:

And that line of people turned the corner of the building and went alllllll the way down to the next street over.  Sheesh.  I went down the line of people seeing if perchance Shindeh was there (nope, though I did wave hi to MingSum who was!), then walked back.  Yeah, waiting that long wasn't going to be worth it.  I wish they would just keep swap meet in the convention center *like they did last year* which I guess gives them less space supposedly (?) but makes it so much easier to, you know, actually go and get in.  Well whatever.  Missing out on a year of swap meet isn't too bad given that I'm spending a lot more money on important stuff in life like, you know, groceries, gas, and rent (not to mention my new desktop and all), so it's okay.  I'll see if linecon is still there tomorrow (my prediction is that it will be) and if so, meh.  The only regret I'd have (just like two years ago when the *same* thing happened) is not being able to buy Little Twin Stars stuff because that one lady (or her delegates?) seem to be there every year...*grumble grumble*

Walking down the halls made me really quite nostalgic, reminding me of Fanime from last year.  So much happened during that weekend...I can even remember specific spots in the halls where we sat down, or where I was walking when I first saw Merida, haha.  I really don't know how it all will turn out this year, but I'm at least thankful that I ran into Russell and Kyou otherwise I would have just drove down there and spent a few bucks on parking for no good reason. 9_9

Haven't decided what exactly I'm going to do tomorrow, besides try and meet up with a few people, go through the usual places, and all.  There's no real interesting events or meetups going on, so I've basically got  the day free.  Which maybe is how it should be; let's just do our best and welcome the unexpected?  Yeah, I should try my best~  Not sure whether I'll go to FNW either; I think it'll just depend on what I'm doing at the time.

As it is now, I'm happy to be home, early, with the chance to just rest for the night.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sometimes life is just about making the same mistakes over and over again.

I guess that doesn't mean you can't still learn from them, though.

Monday, May 12, 2014

I can't believe Fanime is already next week...omg...sheesh.

Apparently warm warm warm weather is supposed to be hitting this week...time for me to stay indoors all day, muahahaha.  Did some work on Ripple Runner this weekend, added a really hard level.  Hoping to add some more levels this week, trying to rope in some other people to contribute too.  LD voting ends in a week!

Warm weather always makes me nostalgic...but then again, come to think of it, cold weather does too.  I guess I'm just forever lost in the past.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Our strengths are also our weaknesses.  I used to believe in myself more, without reservation, but also was more arrogant and inconsiderate.

I'll always look back at the past.  Even now, that time when I was torn between my "quiet, soft self" and the one who wanted to take risks, explore, and go on adventures, has become a treasure--something which is precious, even if only for the fact that it is a part of me, one that I will never be able to experience in the same way again.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The import over at is all finished and done, so all of my xanga postings are now available in archived form, albeit in somewhat altered format as they've lost their proper font and all.

I have a lot of feelings about this, but I feel like I shouldn't even bother trying to write it all out again.  I've said enough about this as is.

"The song is about loving someone before and after sleep, being the last encounter for that person. In the evening, you dream of the person you want to be with, and in the morning you hope to see that person again. Though conveying the feelings can't be done, remembering the person keeps them alive in you."