Saturday, June 29, 2019

A busy week...

I'm heads down in the middle of work to try and finish something for Friendship Jam, which ends on Monday!  I started off in Unity, but I'm trying to make a text-based game around letter-writing, so I tried out Twine to see if it would be a better fit.  I liked the idea of just having the game function directly in html browserland, but the Twine flow wasn't quite what I wanted, so I decided to just jank up my own Javascript/JQuery code to do it, and it's working fairly well!  I also used the tool at to make a couple of handwriting fonts for the game, so my handwriting is actually in the game now as fonts, yay!  That could actually be something to apply to my blog at some point, perhaps. (?)

I've been alternatively sleeping really late and catching up as I try to work on both the writing and code for the game...Thursday night I was super dead for example so I slept for 12.5 glorious hours, which was quite refreshing.  Pretty amazing how much better I felt after that...

I was Sayuri yesterday for a brief bit!  It has been quite a long time, but I think it was nice to remember some things about it.

Other than that, actually was dealing with a number of computer-related things in the past two weeks, as I got a new work laptop (to replace the old one they gave me for my temp job).  This is probably going to be my work laptop for some time, so I wanted to take the opportunity to set up everything -- including a bootcamp partition and all.  Bootcamp assistant was pretty much flat out kaput because it didn't work correctly with the corporate software update server, so I had to manage the partitioning process myself.  I also wasn't able to setup win server on it as the installers for both WS2012 and WS2016 failed, but I WAS able to setup win10, so that's that.

I learned some other things like about how the default display setting on the new MBPs is actually a non-native resolution (!) and how gamma calibration images usually don't display properly in browsers and need to be opened in some other app (which explains a lot).  Gamma calibration seems to be getting harder and harder on the OSX platform as more and more features seem to muck around with it...this time I had to actually download a linear color profile in order to calibrate correctly.  My software gamma calibration tools of choice at the moment are QuickGamma for Win and SuperCal for OSX.

Dropbox silently instated a 3-device limit on their free service (different OSes also count as different devices) and that was no longer really going to work out super well for me, so I've made the switch over to using pCloud, which seems to be working just fine so far.

We finally secured our Aug 17th date for JaSmix!  Look forward to some announcements about that soon.

Anyhow, back to trying to write more of this story...looking forward to relaxing a bit next week.

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