Thursday, December 7, 2017

Cinnamoroll x Wish Me Mell

Did you know?  Wish Me Mell is designed by Miyuki Okumura, the same designer as Cinnamoroll!

Wish Me Mell is super unknown here in the states, but is sort of a secret fave of mine behind the regulars (Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll).  I actually didn't know she was designed by the same person until today.  Makes sense, though!  I'm a fan of the Wish Me Mell design style and it has actually been really cute seeing Cinnamoroll in the same style recently.  I'm sure they would be great friends!

Did you know that Wish Me Mell was aimed at people who are too shy to express their feelings?  She's actually really shy and withdrawn but had her heart touched when her friends wrote letters to her.  So now she delivers mail as a job!

Did you know that her image song is called "Stay the Same"?

No matter how far away we are
I think of you
There is nothing that changes this way
We all will stay the same

Wish Me Mell <3

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