Sunday, April 30, 2017

Aaaand we're back.  The week was a busy one for sure, as is usually the case right after Ludum Dare.

Speaking of Ludum Dare, we came out with a pretty cool game!  It's called Raven Delivery Service -- you can check it out here.  LD itself went pretty well, though I was quite stressed that the game wouldn't come together -- the project was more ambitious than I initially realized and required a lot of moving parts to come together for the game to really click.  I'm happy with what ended up coming out of it, though!

The LD event itself has been hit by delays, the standard website outages, and more recently, even more drama than before, which is...unfortunate, though not entirely surprising.  It's sad because I feel like this might be the needle that breaks the camel's back, so to speak, given that community faith has already been..."less than stellar" because of the issues around the last few jams.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I'm pretty certain that griping about the issues isn't particularly constructive; if that LD "proper" kicks the can or disproves itself the way out would be to migrate to different game jams.  That's hard though as no real equivalent event exists.  Sort of a lose-lose situation.  Again, unfortunate.

I spent quite a bit of time trying to get high scores on our game too!  You can see all of those videos here.  It was a pretty interesting process and definitely fun!

Went to the Big Dance prelude dance this past Friday -- it's really exciting to see the Stanford dance community so vibrant and with so many young faces with good energy going into these things.  This especially after having a few definite slump years.  It's pretty cool to see.

I've definitely been being a social recluse recently, for quite a while actually -- longer than I think I have in the past.  Part of it is definitely just wanting to be alone, but I also worry that part of it is just that I haven't been taking care of myself, especially sleeping on time I've been doing really horribly at =(  That is something that is just going to require conscious diligence to improve on.  To be honest, wasting time like that and losing sleep is more of a dent in my day-to-day life than the SF commute is.

Rain World is on hold right now, but I made it into the filtration unit which seems quite intense.  In the meantime, I've started playing Hyper Light Drifter!  It's a pretty fun game, very cool in how it doesn't hold your hand through anything, and instead let's the player have a lot of these "oh, I get it" moments.  It's got a good amount of difficulty too.

Seems that a minor Brood War resurgence is on the horizon so I'll definitely want to try and get in a bit on that!  Aside from that, hoping to carve out more time to work on music as well.  Game dev has taken a spot on the wayside for now, especially since LD has given me more than its fair share of that.  Dance, too, I feel like, has been going sort of steady but the surge of new ideas and creativity that I had earlier is more or less gone, it feels like.  I dunno.  Maybe I'm just too tired in general.

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